June 1, 2015

Make Your Summer Something Amazing!

General Health

Summer is finally here! It’s hard to believe that those winter days and dark nights have soon left us for what can now be an amazing 3 months of free spirited fun. Sometimes however, summer can fall short of spectacular and instead become jam packed with tedious, same old shenanigans. I’m here to tell you that summer shouldn’t seem that way, and frankly doesn’t have to if you consciously make an effort to bring life back into your summer! Nancy D. O’Reilly, a clinical Psychologist and women empowerment expert believes a big, bold, BRAVE and passionate summer is attainable for all.


Here are O’Reilly’s seven tips to help bring the most life to your summer (with some commentary from myself):

1) Don’t waste the weekend. 

Do you use your weekend to catch up on sleep, or veg out? Often after a long weeks work, that tends to take up most of your weekend. Although those weekends are needed at times, planning to have an eventful weekend is also extremely healthyI for one LOVE to plan ahead, it gives me a sense of control over my events and allows me to reflect on experiences I’ve had or haven’t just yet. Just like you do with completing work related tasks or grocery shop, make a plan with your loved ones to do something fun and new. Also, let’s be real we live in the Midwest where one day it can be hotter than the Sahara then colder than the Arctic the next day, so make your list is strong in case weather doesn’t permit for one to do, you always have a backup plan;)

2) Get out of your vacation rut

I remember always going to the same beach every weekend in the summer growing up, and although I loved it and created great memories there I wish I had more variety. Using Wisconsin’s events like, Summerfest is always a fun time and an easy way to keep it local for the whole family to enjoy. I’m attending some of my favorite country artists with some great friends. To spice things up a bit, I have a fishing trip planned to visit Ontario, Canada in late July with my father! Try something new and maybe you’ll even discover an interest you never thought you had.

3) Find creative day-trip destinations

Since I’m new to the area, I find it extremely helpful to use Fort HealthCare’s “Health 365” page to find new ways to involve myself in the community. For example, Rock lake Activity Center is hosting “Run for the Rock” half marathon, 5k, and kid’s 1 mile fun run on Saturday, June 6th. For more event information, visit Fort HealthCare’s website, Health 365 Events tab. (http://health365events.com/)

4) Learn a fun new skill

Learning a new skill can drive interest to something you’ve never thought about before. Try stretching your limits and see what new adventures lye ahead. For me, it’s always been a goal of mine to go sky diving, but never could get myself to actually do it…Well this summer I’m all signed up and finally stretching my limits! AH!

5) Do at least one thing to give back to your community

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community. Sometimes volunteering your time doing what you do for work, or what you always tend to volunteer for can start to feel like work more than lending a helping hand (no fun). Try volunteering for a role and/or organization that you might not normally volunteer for. You might find more enjoyment out of debriefing from your normal duties, get more from the organization, and in turn give more back to that organization’s needs.

6) Make a point to meet new people

Everyone knows that networking helps you get that job you love, well relationships are built on that same notion. Attend, attend, attend. Be open minded when meeting new people, and fostering new relationships.  

7) Maintain a spirit of joy and gratitude

This one is probably the hardest to do when you’re so caught up in the list that you forget to sit back, reflect, and truly be proud of yourself for stretching your limits. I know I need to recognize when it’s time to savor moments more often. Hopefully we can all perceive our life adventures in this light!

I hope this has helped those of you in need of a summer switch:) I know I can’t wait for my big, bold, BRAVE and passionate new summer to come!