May 18, 2022

Maximize the Benefits of Your Hearing Devices

General Health

To maximize the benefits you receive from wearing hearing devices, follow these hearing health and maintenance guidelines.

Maintaining Your Hearing Health

1. We recommend you have an audiogram every two years to determine if your hearing devices should be reprogrammed to compensate for any additional loss.
2. Wear your hearing devices daily to allow your brain time to relearn sounds.
3. Do not miss a regularly scheduled checkup.
4. Do not wear someone else’s hearing devices.

Taking Care of Your Hearing Devices

1. Clean your earmolds daily to remove any buildup.
2. Remove your hearing devices before taking a shower or going swimming.
3. Do not expose your hearing devices to hairspray.
4. Do not expose your hearing devices to radiation from X-rays.
5. Do not try to repair your own hearing devices.
6. Do not use alcohol or cleaning fluid on any parts.
7. Regularly check the plastic tubing on your hearing devices for debris.

Battery Care

1. Replace batteries routinely; the average battery life is seven to ten days.
2. Memorize the battery size your hearing devices require.
3. Turn off your hearing devices at bedtime and keep the battery compartment open to allow any moisture to evaporate.
4. Store batteries at room temperature.
5. Do not carry loose batteries in your pocket or purse.
6. When newly purchased, hearing device batteries are sealed with a tab to ensure freshness. Do not remove this tab until you are ready to use the battery. Once you remove the tab, allow the battery to charge for 30–60 seconds prior to placing it into the hearing device.

Need help with hearing device maintenance? Contact an audiologist at Fort HealthCare Audiology at 920.563.6667 in Fort Atkinson or 262.473.8920 in Whitewater to schedule a hearing evaluation or complimentary hearing screening.