July 13, 2015

Mind. BODY. Soul.

General Health

Hello everyone, for the second part of this series I will be discussing the body and how important motivation contributes to the advancement of it. As most people know, if you eat right and exercise regularly, you can achieve the body you desire. To an extent this can be true, but instead of focusing on the external shell of the body, I’d like to focus on the opportunities our bodies can give us when these two goals are met…

As a group fitness instructor, I’ve seen so many different aspirations and goals people have made for themselves, most have to do with physical changes. Two waves that block those goals from coming to fruition are motivation and or time. Once motivation is planted, whatever obstacle occurs stays in and of itself, an obstacle which is made to overcome. Finding that strive is the harder part, but like people say, if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen. Within this realm, I believe most people have surface goals (loose 10 lbs., toned legs, stronger core, etc.) and more often than not, these are the patrons I see fail at meeting their goals.

WHY you ask? Well, I believe the BODY is too commonly seen as a canvas that can be changed, covered, and altered to be perfected. Instead, I believe the BODY should be seen as a tool, a very useful tool that can accomplish more things in this life time than most people allow. If the reasoning for perfection can be changed, I believe even greater goals can be met and accomplished. The “WHY” in why you choose to do something is what can carry you through to meeting your goal, or can break your goal entirely. You have to believe in the why to perfect the outcome, and I believe the why needs to come from within, versus what is seen.


Here are some questions to ask yourself when thinking about your body:
– Am I a happy person in the body I currently have?
– Do I want/ need change in my life?
– Can I accomplish the things I want in life with this body?
– Will I be happier with the goals I have made for myself?
– Can I accomplish these goals?
– Do I see my body as an opportunity or an obstacle?
Just some food for thought, hope you all meet your goals and have a wonderful week enjoying your body!