August 26, 2015

New Start, New You!

General Health

Summer is winding down and the kiddos are heading off to school again. The weather is turning and seasons are beginning to change. Most people work towards better health, loosing weight in the summer, and then once fall rolls around people tend to forget about these goals…right? If this screams you, you’re not alone! Everyone tends to get beach body ready for the Summer, and slower moving in the colder months. Well what if instead of slowing down, we picked it back up again! There is truly so much to do in the Fall months that can still be easily done outside.


Here are 10 tips and tricks for staying active during the Fall weather!

1. Take Advantage of the Weather: Discover new hiking/ walking paths. Plan for your workout outdoors and if weather doesn’t permit, make a plan B so you don’t become discouraged. The Fall weather can be a great time to exercise outside. Instead of running in humidity, you can now run in crisp refreshing cool air that smells of apple cider and pumpkin spice. Yum. 

2. Think Outside the Box: Your kids will tell you Fall is the season for learning something new, so why not do the same? Always wanted to learn the Tango? Been wanting to take a healthy cooking class? Needing to sign up for a personal training session? Want to try a new, out-of-your-comfort zone fitness class? Go for it! Now is the time to push yourself into a new box that will advance your health.

3. Be an Active TV Watcher: Many people are starting to get excited for their shows to begin or for Football season to kick off-I’m definitely one of them! Enjoy your shows and the games ahead, but be active while you do. Pick 5 different exercises and at every commercial break do one of them (tricep dips off the couch, hold a plank, push-ups, squats, etc.) Think about it, in a 1 hour show you have close to 20 minutes of commercial breaks that you can utilize. Take that time to be productive!

4. Integrate Exercise into Your Life: You already know the obvious; park further away, take the stairs instead of the elevator… Try to think a little harder on ways you can maximize your exercise: walk around with other parents at soccer games or take walking meetings. Take Dr. James Bruno’s word for it,”Walking is one of the most under- rated exercises available. Few injuries are noted from walking exercise. Walking improves skeletal density, and helps avoid osteoporosis of our load bearing skeletal  structures. Walking provides a cardiovascular workout. Look for a suitable surface such as level, mowed fields, or wood chipped trail. When studying large groups of people, those who participate in a walking program of at least 30 minutes 3-4 times a week experienced an  improved mood, and sense of well- being. There is nothing better than a fall stroll in Wisconsin with your friends, or pet dog.  Explore our numerous state parks, and get out and enjoy our great outdoors.”

5. Rejuvenate Yourself: Treat yourself to a full mind body and soul rejuvenation. Get a massage. Meditate. Buy a yoga mat and stretch more. Meet a new group of people. Challenge yourself in all areas of your life.

6. Stick to the 30 Day Rule: It takes about 4 weeks for the body to adapt to a lifestyle change, which is why people tend to give up on their fitness program within the first 30 days. Try to stick to a fitness routine for a month, after the month behavior patterns will have adapted and it will be much easier to stick with it!

7. Deal with Darkness: Lets face it, it’s beginning to get darker earlier at night and staying dark later in the morning. Instead of holding that as a crutch, embrace it and work with it. Be safe and smart if you do go out in the dark and wear a reflective vest/ arm band.

8. Dress in Layers: You might start your workout outside feeling chilled, but once your blood is pumping you’ll quickly warm up. Personally I suggest wearing 3 layers: first material being DriFit to wick moisture away, second should be a warmth layer, and third should be a protective layer like a wind breaker.

9. Find your Motivation: Try not to fall into the “keeping up with the Jones” mentality, and find what makes YOU motivated. Everyone has a different reason they get up in the morning, what will be your consistent reason to leave your warm cozy bed? Pick something that is grounded and honest.

10. Be Accountable: There is no better time than to join a running/walking/biking group. If you know that someone else is waiting for you, you’re more likely to go! Put yourself out there, and hold your promise to those that need you for support too.

Hope this all helps! Enjoy the change in weather:)