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Fort HealthCare Transitioning 799 Intercept Program to Jefferson EMS

Community Health
Wednesday, January 17, 2018

For the past several months, Fort HealthCare has been working with Jefferson EMS to transition the 799 Intercept program to Jefferson EMS, where the highest call volume occurs. The transition is scheduled to begin on February 1st. The program will remain the same as it transfers to Jefferson, and will still serve the same geographical area.

Since January of 2000, the 799 Intercept program created by Fort HealthCare, provided advanced life-saving care at the scene of an accident or illness on a 24/7 basis. Fort HealthCare’s licensed paramedics, who are emergency medical technicians, traveled in a four-wheel drive vehicle containing life-saving equipment and medications and would meet local rescue services en route to the hospital. Many times, these responders are the first to care for a patient. The program was designed to help assist local EMS by providing paramedic level of services when appropriate and at the time, was one of a kind.

In anticipation of the transition, Jefferson EMS would like you to join them as they commemorate the work of the 799 Intercept including those involved in this unique program over the past 18 years and to learn about the transition to Jefferson EMS. The 799 Intercept Services gathering will take place on Thursday, January 25th from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at the Jefferson EMS, located at 351 E. Racine St. Jefferson, WI. Enjoy refreshments from the Fort HealthCare Steel Away Café. Please RSVP at:

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