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Changes at Jefferson Clinic Locations

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Since November, all patient care activities of the Fort HealthCare Jefferson location are provided at Fort HealthCare Rockwood, 152 W. Garland St., Jefferson. This includes the medical care provided by David Rutledge, MD, and nurse practitioner Noreen Lyons.

A new clinic facility will be constructed on the site of the current Fort HealthCare Jefferson location at 840 West Racine Street. The remodeled clinic will be a modern space that will house a procedure room, new imaging equipment, a small lab area and enhanced nursing and reception areas. The timing for this re-build is yet to be finalized, but a spring or summer occupancy is anticipated.

In January, Dr. Rutledge will become the full-time medical director at the Rock River Free Clinic. Coincident with his departure, Fort HealthCare welcomes family practice physician Linda Welniak, MD, who joins the Fort HealthCare staff on Jan. 3.

Patients can schedule appointments by calling (920) 674-4141.