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Dane County Honor Guard recognizes Fort HealthCare

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fort HealthCare recently provided the Dane County Honor Guard with a donation allowing for the purchase of a member’s uniform. Pictured, Deb Trieloff, commander, presents James Nelson, Fort HealthCare vice president of finance and strategic development, with a Special Recognition Dane County honor guard recognizes Fort HealthCareAward for the support provided. Also pictured, are Zo Wilson, Fort HealthCare Emergency Services RN and Marine Corps veteran of 11 years, James Mildenstein, Fort HealthCare ER tech and honor guard member, Larry Trieloff, honor guard financial officer and Chris Suttinger, Fort HealthCare surgical tech and Army veteran of 15 years.

Dane County Honor Guard is an organization recognized by the state and federal governments to provide honor, respect and dignity to the lives lost in emergency medical services. Emergency medical personnel from Dane County and neighboring areas volunteer to be stewards of the memory of those who serve their communities.

The guard provides guidance in funeral planning, arranging for honors like casket guard vigil at visitations, coordinating displays of honor including a final salute and walk of honor, and sounding the final pager tone to signify the completion of duty. The honor guard also serves as a color guard at parades, conferences and meetings to serve as a visual reminder of the dedication given to the community. Most importantly, the guard provides support to the family members of those lost during an otherwise difficult time.