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Fort Atkinson girl wins mini-grant, gives to subacute patients

Monday, May 24, 2010

When your mom is an advocate for senior citizen rights, it’s no wonder that you grow up with special regard for the elderly population. When the right opportunity came along, Annika Carter, a third grader from Rockwell Elementary, knew exactly what to do.

Third, fourth and fifth grade students at Rockwell elementary were eligible to receive four mini-grants to use as they wished in order to do good for the community. As part of the grant application process, the students needed to write a submission stating what they planned to do with their money and why. Annika’s plan was simple, she wanted to “brighten the day of the people in the hospital and help them feel better.” Of the 15 children that applied for the $50 grant, four were selected, including Annika.

After receiving the grant, Annika’s family contacted the subacute unit at FortHealthCare, a short term recovery unit primarily utilized by seniors recovering from operations. Kim Duffy, an activity therapist at Fort HealthCare, told Annika how patients there enjoy spending their time between therapy sessions. Annika purchased a variety of media materials like a Wii game, DVDs of “The Lucy Show” and “Our Gang,” classical music CDs and chocolates. The patients were presented with the donation during dinner and had a wonderful time chatting with Annika and her younger sister, Jenka.

Annika is the daughter of Julie Short and Todd Carter of Fort Atkinson. The mini-grant program is administered through the Fort School District’s Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program. Annika’s mini-grant was sponsored by the Daily Union.

Caption: Third-grader Annika Carter is pictured offering her donation to subacute nurses Sarah Bina, LPN and Jennifer Kawleski, LPN.