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Fort HealthCare COVID–19 Pandemic Response

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Fort HealthCare is prepared to respond to many different medical events, including the current COVID – 19 pandemic. Fort HealthCare is in regular contact with the Jefferson County Health Department and Wisconsin Department of Health Services in response to COVID – 19 and will follow the most current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Currently, there are no confirmed cased of COVID – 19 in Jefferson County. Until cases are confirmed in the county, it is likely that flu-like symptoms are the result of other germs that commonly circulate this time of year, and NOT COVID–19.

The best ways to stay well are: handwashing (good technique with soap and water is as effective as antibacterial soap), hand sanitizer (if handwashing is not possible), avoiding touching your eyes, nose, face or mouth with unwashed hands, avoiding people that are ill, good cough etiquette, single use tissue that is disposed after use and hands cleaned following use, and staying home when you are ill.

Fort HealthCare will test for COVID – 19 following CDC and Jefferson County Health Department criteria.

Those criteria INCLUDE:

  1. Patient has symptoms (fever and cough, shortness of breath) AND patient has contacted a person with confirmed COVID – 19 infection (this is rare, in Jefferson County currently)
  2. Patient has symptoms (fever and cough, shortness of breath) AND patient has travelled to areas with COVID – 19 activity.

If those criteria are not met, the test is of little value as the likelihood of a positive result is very low. In addition, if testing is deemed appropriate, patients are considered Persons Under Investigation (PUI) by the CDC and must remain isolated (typically at home unless supportive medical treatment is required) until the result is known, and perhaps longer.

As with any respiratory illness this time of year, consult your provider (or use e+CARE) if symptoms are severe to determine whether you need to be seen or if testing is appropriate. If you have mild symptoms and no fever, and no contact or significant travel history the advice is the same as it always was: fluids, rest, over the counter medicines for symptom relief, and prevent the spread to others (hand hygiene, cough etiquette, avoid contact with others, especially at risk populations such as the very young, very old, or those with compromised immune systems.

For public relations related to Fort HealthCare’s COVID–19 Pandemic response please contact Nicole Leibman, Marketing Manager at 920-568-5472

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