Speech TherapyFort HealthCare and the UW-Whitewater College of Education-Communication Sciences & Disorders Department are offering Speech Kids again this summer for children ages 3-6 who may benefit from the program during part of the summertime. The program will take place twice a week for three weeks. The cost is $90 for the entire program. Registration closes on May 4, 2018.

Further details pertaining to scheduling will be determined by enrollment, and families will be notified via email by May 18, 2018 with their child’s final schedule. Class size will be limited to a maximum of five students, thus ensuring an individualized experience for each child. Children will be placed in classes based on age and level of need.

Speech Kids is a speech, language, and social skills summer enrichment program offered through Fort HealthCare, led by certified Fort HealthCare Speech-Language Pathologists and assisted by UW-Whitewater speech-language pathology undergraduate students. Sessions are 45 minutes long and take place at the Fort HealthCare Therapy & Sport Center, 1504 Madison Avenue in Fort Atkinson.

Each week will feature a variety of activities connected by a theme. The content is designed to be fun while building vocabulary concepts and providing more opportunities for your child to talk with peers. The classes will revolve around a consistent routine, including language strategies, art sensory exploration, movement, and songs. The children will work on speech and language skills, as well as cooperative play, listening, and teamwork.

Language Disorders in Children

Most infants or toddler can understand what you’re saying well before they can clearly talk. As they mature and their communication skills develop, most children learn how to put their feelings into words. But a child with a language disorder may have trouble understanding words that they hear and read. This is called receptive language disorder. They may have trouble speaking with others and expressing thoughts and feelings. This is called expressive language disorder. A child will often have both disorders at the same time.

A language disorder can be frustrating, not only for parents and teachers, but also for the child. Without diagnosis and treatment, children with a receptive-expressive language disorder may experience poor performance in school. They may also misbehave because of their frustration over not being able to communicate. But language disorders are a common problem in children, and can be treated.


If you are interested in having your child, age 3-6, participate in the Speech Kids group, you may learn more and register online at FortHealthCare.com/SpeechKids and will also need to download the required student health emergency form to fill out. The program cost is $90 per child. After you register, Fort HealthCare staff will call to schedule a screening to help determine goals for your child and what session schedule best fits your child’s needs. Individual speech therapy sessions are also available for those who qualify. Questions may be emailed to abigail.krueger@forthc.com or call 920-568-5299.

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