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Fort HealthCare and Palmyra-Eagle Area School District Partner on School Nursing Program

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fort HealthCare and the Palmyra-Eagle Area School District are excited to announce their partnership on the School Nursing Program. The agreement includes a school nurse from Fort HealthCare that will work with students in the district. This partnership meets the needs of both organizations’ missions.  Chris Barron, Executive Director-Population Health, Fort HealthCare explains “Fort HealthCare’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of our community. Fort HealthCare can’t do it alone. We need engaged communities. We see school nursing as a valuable community partnership in support of better population health. Palmyra-Eagle Area School District represents the ninth area district we have partnered with for school nursing services and the third district with both school nursing and athletic training services provided by Fort HealthCare.  We are excited to have an engaged partner like the Palmyra-Eagle Area School District.”

The mission of the Palmyra-Eagle Area District is “To ensure students excel with intellect and virtue, inspired by innovative educators who engage and challenge each individual.” Healthy kids learn better and the school nurse will be a valuable resource to provide education about health and wellness to school-age children, school staff and the community.  Dr. Steve Bloom, District Administrator states, “The Palmyra-Eagle Area School District is pleased to partner with Fort Health Care on bringing nursing services directly into our schools.  In addition to direct service to our students we are looking forward to providing information about various programs and services available in the county to parents and families to promote student health and wellness.”

School nursing is a very special partnership connecting the medical community and the school district. The school nurse is the liaison who makes this connection and provides health resources that promote physical and mental health, help prevent disease, enhance school performance, and promote general wellness. The school nurse provides a wide range of services including diabetes management, childhood wellness, care for children with special needs, as well as staff support and education.

The Fort HealthCare – Palmyra Eagle Area School District Nursing Program is another example of how healthy communities are created. Programs like this help Jefferson County and surrounding communities continue their journey to become the healthiest communities in Wisconsin. In the 2016 County Health Rankings Jefferson County is ranked 8th and Waukesha County is ranked 6th out of 72 Wisconsin counties with health outcomes.  These high rankings are the result of engaged communities.

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