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Fort HealthCare Partners Honor Volunteer of the Year

Friday, May 10, 2019

The Fort HealthCare Partners organization recently celebrated their volunteers during National Volunteer Week. An awards dinner banquet was held to recognize nearly 200 hospital volunteers for contributing 22,728 volunteer hours in 2018.

Speakers honoring banquet attendees included Fort HealthCare’s President and CEO, Mike Wallace, CFO Jim Nelson, Fort Memorial Hospital Foundation Director Dwight Heaney, Volunteer Services Manager Kari Behling and President of the Partners Organization Tim Haak.

The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the Fort HealthCare Partners Volunteer of the Year Award, which went to Larry Ketterman of Fort Atkinson. Ketterman has been involved with the Partners organization since August of 2004 and has received an award pin for completing 5,000 hours of service. Ketterman currently volunteers as an early morning shift Patient Escort and does the training for new volunteer escorts. Additionally, Ketterman helps with volunteer wheelchair cleaning and maintenance. Ketterman commented, “I enjoy my volunteer work. It is so good to give back to the community with Fort HealthCare Partners.”

Fort HealthCare Partners is a voluntary organization composed of men and women from Fort Atkinson and the surrounding communities. Youth age 14 and up are encouraged to be a VolunTEEN. Time spent volunteering helps people learn new skills, meet new people, and provide personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. It is also fun!

If you would like to learn more about how you can volunteer, contact Volunteer Services at 920-568-5276 or at

Partner Member Accumulated Hour Awards

500 Accumulated Hours Awarded

Nancy Bienfang, Fort Atkinson
Terry Bowes, Fort Atkinson
Rich Braun, Jefferson
Bob Dewolfe, Jefferson
Dar Guttenberg, Jefferson
Timothy Haak, Fort Atkinson
Dennis Miller, Fort Atkinson
Mike Phelps, Fort Atkinson
Lynn Schopen, Jefferson
Betty Strese, Fort Atkinson
Linda Zahora, Johnson Creek

1000 Accumulated Hours Awarded

Judy Braun, Jefferson
Marlene Braunschweig, Jefferson
Jack Dabareiner, Jefferson
Joann Davis, Cambridge
Timothy Haak, Fort Atkinson
Mary Nysted, Fort Atkinson
Jackie Slinde, Cambridge
Marge War, Janesville

1500 Accumulated Hours Awarded

Lee Jahnke, Fort Atkinson
Richard Marshall, Fort Atkinson

2000 Accumulated Hours Awarded

Beth McCulley, Whitewater
Mary Rapp, Cambridge

3000 Accumulated Hours Awarded

Sherry Hofer, Jefferson
Kathy Kakuschke, Fort Atkinson
Stanley Kock, Fort Atkinson

4000 Accumulated Hours Awarded

Pat Kubisiak, Fort Atkinson

5000 Accumulated Hours Awarded

Larry Ketterman, Fort Atkinson

8000 Accumulated Hours Awarded

John Hue, Jefferson

9000 Accumulated Hours Awarded

John Syens, Fort Atkinson