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Fort HealthCare Pediatric Wellness Receives Grant from United Way

Friday, August 8, 2014

The United Way of Jefferson and North Walworth County Board of Directors have issued a pillar grant to Fort HealthCare’s Pediatric Wellness Team.  The grant, in the form of $4,750, was used toward the funding of the Railyard Obstacle Course project through Fort HealthCare.

The Railyard Obstacle Course is used by the Pediatric Wellness Team at various locations throughout the community to help individuals develop and improve core strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, speed, power, agility, flexibility and coordination, all while having fun. The course is designed to mimic activities performed in day to day lives such as climbing, crawling, balancing, ducking, jumping, and walking. All ages and fitness levels can use the Railyard Obstacle Course. The first set of equipment was purchased by the Fort Memorial Hospital Foundation with the goal to promote family fitness, pediatric wellness and combat childhood obesity. With the generous donation from The United Way, Fort HealthCare has purchased the second set of equipment for additional use in the community.