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Fort Memorial PET/CT scan services helps detect disease at earlier stages

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beginning Friday, September 27th patients living in the Fort Atkinson area will no longer be required to travel out of the area to have an exam that helps doctors detect disease in its early stages and monitor the progress of patients’ treatment.

The scanner, developed by GE Healthcare, combines two kinds of imaging to give doctors complete information about the patient’s condition in a single exam that usually takes less than one hour. Previously, doctors had to put patients through two separate scans to get similar information.

The state-of-the-art scanner has advanced applications in oncology, neurology, and cardiology. It combines computed tomography (CT), which provides highly detailed pictures of the patient’s anatomy, with positron emission tomography (PET), which for oncology helps doctors determine whether a suspicious growth is cancerous or benign. In addition, the scanner can be used for follow-up care. Doctors can monitor the patient during treatment, check progress and, if necessary, adjust the treatment plan – instead of waiting until the end of treatment to do a follow-up study.

Specially trained technicians will be onsite to perform the scans. Results will be read by physicians from the University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation’s Department of Radiology, as are all other radiology procedures performed at the hospital.

The PET/CT exam service is thanks to a partnership between Shared Medical Services of Cottage Grove, WI and Fort HealthCare. The mobile PET/CT scanner will be available at Fort Memorial Hospital through Fort HealthCare’s Radiology department. The service will be provided every other Friday afternoon. Shared Medical Services has been a leader in providing diagnostic imaging to health care facilities since 1980.

In addition to PET/CT, the Fort HealthCare Radiology department offers many other services using the best available equipment, including: ultrasound, MRI, mammography, nuclear medicine exams and bone densitometry. State-of-the-art Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS) allows physicians to look at images on the computer wherever they are, eliminating the need to transport images throughout the hospital or deliver images to different facilities.

Patients require a referral from their primary care physician or a physician specialist for diagnostic services provided by the mobile PET/CT scanner. Patients who have been referred are to register for care at the Radiology Department front desk, just inside the hospital lobby.

Learn more about services offered at Fort HealthCare Radiology by visiting