A mammogram is the most effective tool in detecting breast cancer because it is able to detect lumps too small to be felt. Therefore Fort HealthCare encourages eligible women to have a mammogram to monitor breast health and help prevent breast cancer.

To encourage eligible women to get screening mammograms, Fort HealthCare has asked the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee to donate a free “Me and MY BFF” weekend getaway. As part of the “Me and MY BFF” weekend getaway you will enjoy overnight accommodations for one night, a $50 dining credit at Mason Street Grill, two $10 gift cards to Blu, overnight valet parking, and 25 percent off WELL Spa + Janice Salon services. To be entered to win the trip, you must have your mammogram by August 31. A winner will be selected on September 1.

Mammography uses special X-ray images to detect abnormal growths or changes in the breast tissue. A technician compresses the breast and takes pictures from at least two different angles, creating a set of images. This set of images is called a mammogram. Breast tissue appears white and opaque and fatty tissue appears darker and translucent.

Mammograms are performed as part of a regular physical exam or to evaluate any unusual changes in the breast, and can help health care provider decide if a lump, growth, or change in the breast needs further testing. Mammograms performed on healthy, normal breasts provide a baseline reference for later comparison, which is why it is so important to begin screenings
before there is a problem. The mammogram is also used to look for lumps that are too small to be felt during a physical exam.

The American Cancer Society recommends annual screening mammograms beginning at the age of 40. Women should meet with their health care providers to discuss the benefits, risks, and limitations of mammography. Screening mammograms are the key to early detection.

Fort HealthCare offers convenient appointment hours in Fort Atkinson and Whitewater including day, evening and some Saturday mornings. For more information, or to schedule your mammogram online, please visit FortHealthCare.com/Mammo or Facebook.com/FortHealthCare. There you will also find information about our mammogram voucher program for women who have no insurance or are or under-insured. Visit FortHealthCare.com/Mammo for more information and to make your online appointment request.