FORT ATKINSON – Fort HealthCare is committed to improving the health and well-being of our community. Fort HealthCare encourages kids and teens to get involved in our programs as well. Upcoming classes include:
On My Own at Home
This program is designed for children who are at least age 9 or older and may be at home for a short period of time without an adult.  The focus is on making wise and safe choices and how to handle unexpected situations.  Children are expected to attend this class independently.  This one-day class is offered Friday, August 12 at Rock Lake Activity Center or Saturday, September 10 at Fort Memorial Hospital. 

Red Cross Babysitting
This one-day program emphasizes safety, accident prevention and basic first aid.  Participants, who must be age 11 or older, will receive a Red Cross babysitting book, DVD and certification card.  Sign up at least a week before the class date.  Participants should bring a sack lunch. Classes are offered on Saturday, September 10 at the Rock Lake Activity Center or Saturday, September 17 at the Whitewater Aquatic Center. 

Kids in the Kitchen
The Kids in the Kitchen program is designed for parents and adults interested in easy at home recipes and new nutrition tips.  Join us for a fun morning creating healthy, quick mini-meals and snacks with your kids.  This program is aimed for kindergarten through 3rd graders and their parents.  General good nutrition tips, easy recipes and hands-on food preparation will round out the morning.  Come hungry! This class is offered Saturday, September 10 and costs $15 per child and parent. 

The Fort HealthCare Health 365 program reminds people that a child’s health needs attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of every year. Health 365 includes an on-line wellness service with numerous easy-to-understand tools, instructional videos, health assessments and other offerings that demonstrate our commitment to the well-being of children and our community. Free membership allows participants to receive no cost lab services that helps them “know their numbers” and health risks.  Annual physicals or trying to stay healthy once you’re already sick is not enough. Preventive healthcare and early detection are both shown to enhance individual well-being and lower health insurance costs.  For more information, please visit our webpage at and click on the Health 365 icon.