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New Electronic Health Record (EHR) in Development

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fort HealthCare recently announced a strategic partnership with Cerner Corporation to implement a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) system. Considerable progress is being made regarding implementation of the Compass Electronic Health Record. As we work diligently towards that all important go-live date of August 1st, we will begin to more frequently communicate with our patients concerning the expected benefits this very powerful EHR will provide.

The rationale for installing more than 20 Cerner solutions is summed up in these four simple statements:

  • Improve Access To and Exchange of Information
  • Improve the Clinical and Operational Information that Drives Our Decision Making
  • Enhance and Promote Wellness in Our Community 
  • Maintain Fort HealthCare’s Independent Status and Focus on Community Health

By connecting physician offices, clinics, employers and consumers in the community with Fort Memorial Hospital, Fort HealthCare can provide an integrated healthcare system tailored to the needs of its communities. This new system will improve the patient experience by providing patients quick and easy access to their health information via an on-line portal. Authorized physicians, nurses, pharmacists and lab technicians can all access one patient record at the same time—an impossible task with a cumbersome paper chart. This access to relevant, integrated clinical information allows medical professionals to communicate instantly with the rest of the patient’s care team and enables them to make the best care decisions possible. And, the wellness and chronic condition management program will reduce the costs of treating conditions and improve health outcomes.

The much anticipated rollout in August combined with the exceptional capabilities of the software will better position Fort HealthCare to respond to the ever-changing nature of healthcare delivery in the 21st century. We hope you will be pleased with the many efficiencies, conveniences and improvements in quality of care the new EHR will provide for you and your families.