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New Orthopedic Surgeon Welcomed

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Friday, May 29, 2009

With the addition this June of surgeon James Bruno, M.D., Fort HealthCare’s Orthopaedic Associates will have five orthopedic experts to serve patients suffering from musculoskeletal injuries or diseases. Bruno, a specialist in hand and foot surgery, graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School and has been providing safe and effective treatment for his patients for nearly 20 years, most recently at the Wilkinson Clinic in Oconomowoc.  He will begin seeing patients in Fort Atkinson and Lake Mills, beginning June 1.


Ankle sprains and subsequent chronic ankle instability are common injuries Bruno sees in his office. Sports like tennis, soccer, and basketball are hardest on the ankles. Signs of injury include pain near the ankle joint, especially with weight bearing; and swelling. The ankle often feels weak, and as though it might roll over again, especially on uneven surfaces. “Some people describe the situation as though the ankle wants to give out,” Bruno explains.  He notes the actual injury is a tearing of the ligaments that support the ankle joint (ligaments are the structures that bind one bone to the next bone in a joint).


Patients who have untreated issues with their feet and ankles are very likely to appear later  with balance and gait problems, or in need of hip and knee alignment.


Bruno makes his diagnosis by combining a history of the mechanism of injury, an examination of the ankle, and sometimes an x-ray to rule out any bony fracture. The treatment of more minor sprains is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). A brace can provide support while healing is occurring, and physical therapy can shorten recovery times. Sometimes, the damage is too significant to heal on its own, and surgery is required to restore stability.

“The challenge is to restore stability, without sacrificing motion of the joint, allowing a high level of post-injury function,” Bruno states.  He has had good success with anatomic ligament repair, and occasionally uses a small arthroscope to treat cartilage injuries within the joint, in a minimally invasive fashion.  He concludes, “Most people show a good response to the surgical correction, and happily to return to their chosen activity.”


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Bruno or another orthopedic surgeon, call 920.563.7888.