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One of the First Sites in the Nation to Offer New Breast Cancer Screening Technology

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fort HealthCare is one of the first healthcare providers in the United States to offer breast cancer screening with a Selenia Dimensions 2D full field digital mammography system. The Selenia system is the latest generation of mammography equipment from Hologic, the world leader in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Comparison of digital to traditional mammogram imageSelenia offers incredibly sharp breast images, advanced ergonomic design providing more patient comfort and a flexible platform that is designed to support advanced mammography applications. The Selenia Dimensions 2D system can also be configured for 3D breast imaging upon FDA approval.

In addition to the Selenia system, Fort HealthCare has a new breast cushion that dramatically eases the discomfort many women feel when they get a mammogram. MammoPad creates a softer, warmer mammogram and has been clinically demonstrated to reduce discomfort, providing a more positive experience for women.

By offering a more comfortable mammography experience, Fort HealthCare hopes to increase the number of area women who follow recommendations for regular screenings. “The discomfort many women feel during mammography compression is widely known to be a reason that many don’t get regular screenings,” said Cathy Hovel, manager of radiology at Fort HealthCare. In addition to compression, the cold surfaces and hard edges of some mammography equipment make the experience uncomfortable for some patients.

“The breast cushion answers these complaints by providing a soft, warm cushion for the breast
during mammography,” remarked Kathie Roth, mammography technologist. "Because women are more relaxed during the exam, it makes it even easier to get the best possible image."

Selenia digital mammogram offers a number of other practical advantages and patient
conveniences. Because there is no waiting for film to be developed, time spent at the appointment is reduced, as is the need for repeat exams due to under- or over-exposure. Technologists can immediately determine if an image is satisfactory, because they can see it in as few as five seconds. Further, digital images are easily stored and transferred electronically, eliminating the dependency on one set of original films, which can be misfiled or lost in transit. For mammograms performed at Fort Memorial Hospital, at least eight people review images, including UW Health breast specialists, before a result is determined.

Exceptional staff and technology make Fort HealthCare a certified Pink Ribbon Facility, a distinction awarded only to an elite group of healthcare organizations. By offering women the latest technology in mammography, Fort HealthCare hopes to increase the number of area women who participate in routine screenings.

Fort HealthCare is committed to the fight against breast cancer. Women should call (920) 568-5420 to arrange a mammogram appointment on the new Selenia equipment with MammoPad. More information is available at