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Seeking patient satisfaction information through surveys

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Patients of Fort HealthCare clinics and Fort Memorial Hospital are given the opportunity to share their experiences and help improve the quality of patient care through randomly assigned patient satisfaction surveys. Managers rely upon returned surveys to review provide insights into customer service and make improvements as indicated by respondents. Feedback provided by patients on these surveys is critical to creating the best possible patient experience.

Areas covered by the survey include registration, responsiveness of staff, quality of care and facilities, and the likelihood of referring others for care. By responding to the survey, patients of the Fort HealthCare system have an opportunity to have their voices heard and help make real changes to processes and policies. Responses, anonymous or otherwise, help create positive change for current and future patients. Survey responses are taken very seriously by Fort HealthCare administration.

Patients visiting each area or medical service are randomly selected each month and asked to complete and return the short survey in a postage-paid envelope. Up to 50 patients per week at each clinic will receive a survey, and you will not be sent a survey more than once every 90 days. Any survey sent to a minor may be completed by an adult in the household.

Data from the surveys is compiled by an external consulting group versed in this type of research. The detailed process ensures Fort HealthCare is focusing on maintaining or improving satisfaction on the issues that are most important to patients and have the most impact on patients’ overall experience and likelihood to refer others. Time series data allows Fort HealthCare to track and analyze trends in patient satisfaction across multiple quarters and shows information in a usable format for hospital leadership and department managers to identify areas for improvement. Finally, these surveys allow Fort HealthCare to compare results internally and to compare rankings to other organizations.

Fort HealthCare asks that anyone receiving a survey in the mail complete and return it to help continue improving the quality of healthcare services offered. Questions about the survey process can be directed to the Quality and Integrated Care department at (920) 568-5279.