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When preparing for your doctor appointment, there is probably a lot going through your mind. A small amount of preparation can help you make the most of your time with your doctor.

Reason(s) for Your Visit

You may find it helpful to write down questions you have or the reasons for your visit. That way you don’t have to try to remember everything when the time comes. This will also help encourage you to bring up concerns that you may feel self-conscious about. Remember your visit is confidential and the more you share with your doctor, the better they can help you.

Current Medications

Write down all of the medications you are current taking, this includes over-the-counter medications or supplements like vitamins or herbals. If it is easier for you, you may bring in the actual bottles to show your doctor. Also, consider if you will be away from home or need refills while you are out of the area. Ask your doctor to write prescriptions to get your through the time you will be away.

A completed list of medications should include:

  • Full name of each prescription, over-the-counter medication, vitamin or herbal supplement you take
  • Amount that you take
  • Times of day you take each medication
  • Reason for taking a medication
  • Start date for taking each
  • Pharmacy’s phone number where you buy each medication
  • Medications and foods you can’t take because of allergy or intolerance, describing your reaction

Print a Safe Medication brochure with Medication Card

Health History

If you were mailed a questionnaire or form prior to your doctor appointment, please complete it and bring it along. If not, you should have a good understanding of your personal health history so you can answer relevant questions. If you are not comfortable or do not fully understand your history, please bring someone along who can share this information with your doctor.