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Colleen A. Mitchell

Clinical Psychologist

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Adler University

Colleen A. Mitchell, Psy.D – Clinical Psychologist

No one should endure pain, suffering, and mental anguish in silence or alone. “In my role as a clinical psychologist, I have the privilege and responsibility to build trusting relationships with clients”. Colleen helps clients recognize and manage their symptoms; in many cases they also explore the various dynamics that cause those symptoms. Together, through this experience, clients frequently gain the insight and self-understanding to tap into their strengths. Colleen helps her clients develop the necessary skills to achieve their goals. The “fruits of their labor” are often reflected in a variety of life changing ways – maintaining sobriety one day at a time, grieving the loss of a loved one, or renewing love, trust, and vitality in a once “dead” relationship.

“As a clinical psychologist, I have the opportunity to facilitate change that empowers individuals to reach their potential. Meeting the needs of clients contributes greatly to their overall well being, and goes a long way in keeping our communities healthy and safe.”


Colleen’s approach to psychotherapy is influenced by her Adlerian background and training. These principles emphasize the impact of the social context in which the individual is embedded – family, community, country, and the world at large. By taking this perspective into consideration, it is possible to glean the unique ways in which individuals strive “to belong” on the continuum of useful to useless. “As a therapist, I seek to uncover the individual’s private logic and encourage the discouraged client to align their goals with common sense.” Applying this holistic framework is essential because it integrates various factors such as the family constellation, birth order, early recollections, and strengths and resiliency resulting in a more complete understanding of the client’s lifestyle and personality.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, kayaking, paddle boarding, and cross country skiing. I am a die hard Cubs fan who bleeds Cubby blue, and “ring out ahoya” for the Marquette University Golden Eagles. Rah!


Integrated Behavioral Health Services

Fort HealthCare Behavioral Health services are here for you and your family when you need help. Our convenient integrated care model provides an outpatient program of assessment, counseling and treatment that is available to help you and those you care about work through mental illness, behavioral issues and find ongoing behavioral health care when needed.

This program will provide more immediate, solution-focused strategies to address behavioral health needs, offer continued access to psychiatric services and improved communication and coordination of care between primary care clinicians, mental healthcare providers and agencies. Most important, we believe this program offers improved overall health for our patients by delivering preventive and acute behavioral health care in the most effective manner.

Colleen A. Mitchell is providing psychology services at our Lake Mills Clinic and Cambridge Family Practice.


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