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Craig Kozler, MD


Primary Clinic
Urology Associates
(920) 563-7744

Michigan State University

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Board Certification
Diplomat American Board of Urology

Craig Kozler, MD: Urologist

Craig Kozler, MD is a board certified urologist dedicated to providing the best solution for individuals that may need medical or surgical intervention for urinary or genital issues. “I strive to understand the patient as a person first – an important building block in establishing the strong patient physician relationship that I value. I make an effort to ensure all patients leave my office knowing I understand their problem and its significance in their lives, as well as what further evaluation or treatment options are available to them.”

Dr. Kozler’s Interests:

Kidney Stones
Blood In Urine
Inflamed & Enlarged Prostate
Inflammation of the Testicle & Epididymis
Male Fertility Issues
Undescended Testes
Urinary Control Issues
Bladder/Urinary Tract Infections
Erectile Dysfunction
Neurogenic Bladder

Cancers of –

  • Kidney
  • Bladder
  • Prostate
  • Testicle
  • Penis

“I chose to practice in Fort Atkinson because it’s a great place for my wife and I to raise our children. I am very interested in sharing in the lives of my family and friends, as well as becoming part of the fabric that makes Fort Atkinson such a special place to live and work.”

Urology Associates

Craig Kozler, MD is one of the physician specialists at Urology Associates. They are dedicated to alleviate concerns, provide thorough answers based on the latest advances and find the best, quickest solution for individuals who may need medical or surgical intervention for urinary or genital issues. Dr. Kozler works closely with Christopher Manakas, MD, to ensure all your concerns are cared for. Appointments with Dr. Kozler may be made by calling any of his offices.

Visit the Urology Associates clinic page for more information.


Urology Associates
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Fort Atkinson WI, 53538
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