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Jennifer Bleak, MD
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Jennifer Bleak, MD


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University of Illinois College of Medicine

University of Chicago Medical Center

Board Certification
American Board of Psychiatry

Psychotherapy at Loyola University Medical Center - Maywood, Ill

Jennifer Bleak, MD, provides psychiatric services for adults with mood, anxiety, psychotic, and addiction disorders including patients with cognitive problems and older adults (65+) with a wide variety of behavioral health concerns.

Dr. Bleak’s uses the model of psychiatry that addresses mental illness with biological, social, and psychological approaches. Her familiarity with various perspectives such as dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness, the mind/body treatment of pain and trauma, exposure response prevention, phototherapy, nutritional considerations, the importance of diagnosing and treating sleep apnea, the 12 step program allow her to make effective recommendations tailored to the patient’s specific problem and circumstances.  In terms of medication management, she attempts to create a working partnership with the patient as the best means to obtain a good history and accurate diagnosis in order to prescribe safely and effectively and to minimize side effects.

A graduate of the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago, Dr. Bleak completed her residency in psychiatry at the University of Chicago Medical Center, her internship at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago and her fellowship in psychotherapy at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ill. Dr. Bleak previously lived in Japan for 11 years, where she worked as clinical director of a nonprofit health organization for English speakers. While in Japan, she realized how very differently various cultures view social relationships, a perspective she finds greatly supports her work.


Our board certified psychiatrists provide psychiatry assessment, evaluation and treatment for individuals with a variety of mental health needs. Psychiatrists are medical physicians who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illnesses including substance abuse and addiction. They are uniquely qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological conditions. Because they are medical doctors they may also determine if there is a need for medication to restore imbalances in body chemistry that are often contribute to your mental health and well-being.

Integrated Behavioral Health Services

Working as a team, an Integrated Behavioral Health Provider (IBHP) and your Primary Care Provider (PCP) consider the physical, behavioral, social and emotional aspects of your health and help you determine a course of action that will work best for you.

Fort HealthCare’s IBHPs are psychologists or licensed clinical social workers that understand the connection between the mind, body and spirit, as well as the impact of these areas on a person’s health.  They can help you and your PCP develop treatment plans for smoking cessation, unhealthy eating, physical inactivity, alcohol use, or other necessary lifestyle changes. The IBHP can also help you to develop skills to effectively manage social, emotional or behavioral difficulties.

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