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Your health is a team effort

We firmly believe in healthcare based on partnership; between us and the communities we serve, as well as a partnership between provider and patient. That’s why we strive to involve our patients and their families in maintaining good health that lasts a lifetime.

We encourage you to become your own best advocate for long-term health and wellness by keeping up to date on wellness exams, immunizations and routine preventive health screenings. Cancer and other health screenings save lives, as early intervention often positively impacts health outcomes.

Begin screening at recommended ages or sooner if you have a family history of cancer. As your provider about when these screenings may be appropriate for you:

We also offer other other free screenings and try out our interactive Health Screening Tool.

It’s best to coordinate your long-term healthcare with a primary care provider. If you don’t currently have a provider, we can help you find one. We are committed to improving the quality of life throughout the communities we serve. We will achieve our mission by favorably impacting health behaviors and clinical care of area residents. We will achieve our vision by encouraging good exercise, good nutrition, health education, prevention, and personalized medicine.