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It is the philosophy of our School Nurse program to provide education about health and wellness to school-age children, school staff and our community. Our School Nurse program allows us to work in the school setting and still access all the resources that Fort HealthCare has available. It is a very special partnership connecting the medical community and the school. The School Nurse is the person who makes this connection. This special link is felt by all who have had their lives touched by the school nurse. School nurses specialize in diabetes, childhood wellness and children with special needs.

The School Nurse Program is provided by contract with each school district. Each School Nurse spends school hours in the assigned school district seeing students unless in the department for meetings or administrative tasks.


The school nurse will assist in the development, coordination and training of the emergency nursing services of the school. In addition, the nurse will coordinate First Aid and CPR training and respond to health-related emergencies as needed. They coordinate a process to inform staff of medically involved children and train staff working with those children.

The nurse will assist in providing direct education services to classrooms, teen parents and health -related student assistance programs and will serve as a member of a multidisciplinary team, when assigned, and serve as a member of the K-12 health curriculum and school safety committees.

The nurse is responsible for maintaining compliance with Wisconsin state law.

The School Nurse Coordinator will be in the schools as a mentor and trainer for the new school nurses and the manager can be reached with concerns and problems. Regular meeting are held to update and alert nurses to current issues within our schools.

School Nurse Coordinator

Jennifer Kawleski, BSN, RN, NCSN
(920) 563-4213