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512 Wilcox Street, Fort Atkinson WI 53538
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Coping with hearing loss

When an individual’s hearing is not optimal, it can lead to feelings of detachment. Day-to-day conversations can prove to be difficult, causing people to withdraw from other people and activities. The sense of isolation can be frightening, depressing, and lonely. It can make individuals with hearing loss feel helpless, frustrated, and resentful.

Importance of treating hearing loss

Approximately 48 million Americans have hearing loss. Of those, only one out of five who could benefit from use of hearing devices actually uses them. Treating hearing loss is important for:

  • Improved mental health
  • Improved balance
  • Improved cognitive health
  • Improved emotional and social well-being

The first step to reconnecting to the listening world is visiting an audiologist. Our hearing professional has the technical expertise and years of experience required to correctly assess the cause of any hearing problems and recommend the appropriate course of action. We also work with physicians that can diagnose and treat any medical issues that may be present.

Advances in digital hearing technology have resulted in numerous features designed to enhance your experience. You should expect to partner with your audiologist to choose the treatment plan ideally suited for your personal lifestyle, level of hearing loss, the physical characteristics of your ear canal, cosmetic preferences, manual dexterity, and budget.