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speech therapy throat examWhen a child learns how to speak their first words, their life and the lives of those near them are forever changed. The child suddenly has the ability to vocalize their wants, needs, and desires to those around them. In addition they can now build multidimensional relationships and provide meaning to their actions with their speech. This is the speech therapy goal for many of the patients the speech therapists work with at the Therapy & Sports Centers – to assist in their ability to effectively communicate with those around them. Language disorders can affect not only children (with or without developmental delay) but also those who have had a stroke, head injury, or other neurological insult.


The speech therapists with Fort HealthCare have specialized training in the evaluation and treatment of aphasia, dysarthria, and apraxia as well as for alternative augmentative communication and speech generating devices. When possible, our speech therapists will utilize modern technology including iPads and Lingraphica, as part of their treatment to their patients.

throat anatomySwallowing

In addition to speech disorders, speech therapists work with those with feeding or swallowing disorders. They will complete modified barium swallow studies, give advice regarding dietary changes to accommodate swallowing needs, and work to restore a normal swallow pattern if possible.

Download International Dysphagia Diet Reference Manual


Lastly, our speech therapists work to facilitate cognitive processes including, but not limited to, executive functioning, memory, attention, and spatial awareness constructs.

We offer speech therapy at all of our satellite Therapy & Sports Center locations as well as through inpatient therapy services at Fort Memorial Hospital. We look forward to working with you.