May 22, 2021

Shop for a doctor, not a device


The difference between medical and retail hearing care

Today’s hearing care landscape is crowded. Hearing aid retailers, big-box stores like Costco and over-the-counter hearing device makers alike all claim that they can effectively treat hearing loss without an audiologist. But can they?

Fort Healthcare Audiology follows a medical model, meaning you can trust that you receive the most comprehensive hearing care available. At Fort Healthcare, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best in hearing health care.

Our audiologists are doctors of audiology. They are licensed medical practitioners with doctoral degrees in audiology, allowing them to evaluate the full scope of the hearing system, from neurological processing to the external ear.

In contrast, most non-audiology clinics employ hearing aid dispensers or specialists trained primarily in fitting hearing aids. These dispensers typically have a high school diploma or bachelor’s level education and cannot assess the full scope of hearing.

We have the latest access to technology. We work with the top manufacturers to find a solution that suits your unique needs and hearing loss, leveraging real-ear verification tests to ensure your devices match your hearing loss prescription.

In contrast, the top hearing aid manufacturers only offer limited technologies for sale at retailers like Costco and over-the-counter—typically mid-tier or older technologies that do not reflect the capabilities of today’s high-end instruments.

Personal attention

We provide support throughout your hearing care journey. Adjusting to life with hearing loss is a process. Our audiologists are trained to decipher the diverse challenges that hearing impairments present and provide solutions that evolve with your ever-changing lifestyle.

In contrast, hearing aid retailers are primarily equipped to sell hearing devices. They do not have the training or licensing necessary to counsel patients on the full range of treatment options available.

For medically-based audiology care you can trust, call Fort HealthCare at 920.563.6667 (Fort Atkinson) or 262-473-8920 (Whitewater).