May 11, 2023

Taking Medications for Diabetes

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Most people with type 2 diabetes will need to take medication. Taking medication for your diabetes does not mean that you have failed managing your diabetes; instead, it means that the disease is progressing. Unfortunately, diabetes is a progressive disease, which means the longer you have it, the more you must do to take care of it. Some people can manage their diabetes with just diet and exercise, while others need diet, exercise, and medications. There are many different types of medications used to manage diabetes. Each type does something different, which is why a person with diabetes may be on several different medications.

Oral Medication

A common oral medication used for diabetes is called metformin. Diabetes can cause insulin resistance, which means the body is having trouble using the insulin it is making. Metformin helps reduce insulin resistance.

Another type of oral medication for diabetes works by reducing the amount of glucose in the blood stream. This type of medication is called an SGLT2 inhibitor. Medications such as Farxiga, Jardiance, and Invokana are all this type of medication. These medications reduce glucose in the blood by causing the kidneys to force glucose out through the urine.

Non-insulin Injectables

A newer type of medication used to treat diabetes is called a non-insulin injectable. These medications are injected into the skin and help the pancreas produce more insulin. They also slow down how quickly food passes through stomach. People taking this type of medication often lose weight, which can also help them manage their diabetes. This type of medication includes Ozempic, Trulicity, Victoza, and Mounjaro.


Since diabetes is a problem with the body using or producing insulin, taking insulin is also an option. Most people with type 2 diabetes will need to take insulin at some point in their life. Insulin is given as an injection. Having to take an injection may seem overwhelming, but taking insulin may allow your body to work better and will help you live the best life that you can.

Taking your medication

If you are taking medication for your diabetes, it is important to take it consistently and as prescribed. Sometimes it is difficult to remember to take medication every day, but there are ways to help you remember. Sticking to a routine of when you take your medication may help you remember. Taking your medication at the same time you do something else everyday may help. You may take your medication right after you brush your teeth or before pouring your morning coffee. You can also use a pill tray to remind yourself if you have taken your medication that day or not.

Since every person with diabetes is different, it is important to make sure that you are on the right types of medications to fit your life. Feel free to talk to your diabetes care team for more information about the types of medication that are available to you.

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