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Patients frequently tell us how happy they are with the care they received at Fort HealthCare. It is with great pride that we can share a sampling of their stories.

Kindly share with us your story of great joy in the birth of your child or your recovery from illness. Please also take a moment to recognize the physicians, nurses and other staff who made your stay with us more pleasant.

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cancer diagnosis

On January 18, 2015 I found a lump in my breast. I saw Dr. Chuppa and Denise from Center for Women’s Health on January 20th. I could not have asked for a more caring doctor and nurse than I found in the two of them. They didn’t rush me to leave even though it was the end of the day. I’m sure they wanted to get home to their families just like everyone else does. They gave me as much time as I needed to discuss what was going to be the next steps. I left with an appointment at radiology the next day and an appointment on January 27th with Dr. McLaughlin for a biopsy. Unfortunately the biopsy came back as cancer. I was devastated. Every appointment after that with Dr. McLaughlin and his nurse, Sue I found they both took their time, explaining and answering any questions I had, sometimes the same question more than once. They reassured me when I needed reassurance. Often I was there well past the clinics closing time yet I never felt as if they were rushing me out the door. Their compassion and patience was appreciated.

Thank you Dr. Chuppa, Denise, Dr. McLaughlin and Sue for making it just a little easier to navigate what a breast cancer diagnosis means and helping me to make the many decisions I needed to make in a knowledgeable manner.

- Submitted by: Jean

Blood Draw

I had the best blood draw experience ever today! Imelda at the main Sherman St location was very helpful and took the extra moment to find just the right vein as well as entertaining my questions. I wanted to share this great experience, thank you.

- Submitted by: Jessica

OB and Labor and Delivery

I had to switch to Fort Health care because of my husband’s insurance and I was really nervous since I had been going through prohealth care for over 20yrs. First of all Dr. Chuppa was amazing from the beginning. I felt completely comfortable with her. Her staff was always pleasant. Jamie, (I believe that was her name) in the lab was awesome taking blood every time. (I’m usually a difficult blood draw)
Now about the labor and delivery. From the moment my husband and I arrived we felt special. Jan was the most amazing nurse through my labor and delivery. I can not imagine doing it without her. She never left my side. Dr chuppa and her worked together so well. I had complete confidence in them both. The nurses on the unit were amazing. Everyone was so great and caring. Diane and Mary were so awesome on night shift. Jody checked on me so often. Bev in lactation was awesome and was so knowledgeable. If I were to have any more babies, Fort Health would be the place I would go. You are not just a number. They care about you and your family and they make your experience just above and beyond. I am so glad I went through fort for this delivery. It was actually hard to go home. Thank you thank you thank you! !! The best experience ever and this is my third baby.

- Submitted by: Janette and Dustin Kupser

excellent care

I want to thank all of the the medical staff who took care of my mother this past weekend. Especially Jenna Loomans RN. She was very helpful and comforting while my mom was in pain. Thank you for all that you do!

- Submitted by: Megan Maurer

Ashley RN

I just wanted to give Ashley, the RN that worked with my client today 9/8/16 on Med/Surg unit a job well done today. She went above and beyond during discharge to make sure my client was taken care of. That’s true compassion in nursing displayed today. Thank you

- Submitted by: Sira Nsibirwa

My stay in the hospital

I am so very pleased to let you know that from the very first volunteer I met at the Ambulatory station, to the nurses and staff in Ambulatory surgery, the operating room nurses and anesthetist, the anesthesiologist, Dr. Zambrano, all the nurses and aides that took care of me on the ‘joint floor’, the physical/occupational therapists, the social services representative, the lab folks and Joanne (the joint camp guru) that they were all professional, compassionate and kind.

I felt as though I was the only patient they all had to take care of. I felt well cared for and all of my questions were answered.

What a great team of professionals.

Thank you for the great care –
Fran Vandre

- Submitted by: Fran Vandre

Urgent Care: Doctor Review


I visited urgent care Saturday evening on August 6, 2016. I am pretty sure the doctor who saw me was Brett Hunt, but I wanted to leave a comment saying that he was extremely attentive, helpful and friendly. I wanted to make sure he got positive recognition for being very professional and one of the best doctors I’ve seen in a long time.

Thank you,

Amy Marks

- Submitted by: Amy Marks

MRI Care

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the customer service and care I received this morning. The efficiency of the registration and check-in process in Radiology is unmatched. Way to go! Dr. Guglielmo had the best bedside manner that I have had to date, letting me know what he was doing, making sure that I was comfortable and keeping me calm. The woman who transported me from the waiting room to the MRI and stayed in there with me (Ruby?) was exceptionally friendly and comforting. I am so appreciative and thankful that we have this level of care right here in Fort Atkinson!

- Submitted by: Kim Anderson

Dr. Glinnert and Office Staff

We have been traveling to Fort Atkinson for years to an annual skin check because of their photographic capabilities for moles, even though we have our own local dermatologists. For years, it was me, my husband and father and we all 3 would be given an appointment together. Now that my Dad is gone, its me and my husband.

So, in early February, we traveled to see Dr. Glinnert and were SHOCKED and PLEASANTLY SURPRISED that his office staff had kept a bracelet I apparently left behind at an appointment a year ago – and they gave it to me. How considerate is this? I couldn’t have been more flabbergasted or pleased. I hadn’t missed the bracelet or noticed that it was gone, and it was inexpensive, but how very considerate of them! They deserve recognition. I told Dr. Glinnert but the whole hospital needs to hear this. In a day when medical personnel can be rude and inconsiderate, we have always found Dr. Glinnert’s staff and him to be so very caring, considerate, helpful and friendly.

Thank you!

- Submitted by: Anonymous

Today's Appointment

Today, I had my annual dermatology appointment and remembered, again, why I love being part of the Fort Healthcare Family. The receptionist greeted me with a smile, made purposeful eye contact and was kind. The nurse who took me back to the room made pleasant conversation and genuinely cared when she asked about my personal life. When Dr. Glinert joined me with the nurse, he asked about my family, children and place of work. Either he has am amazing memory since he only sees me once a year or he reviewed my chart thoroughly–either way, I am flattered that he cared enough about my comfort during our appointment to ask. My experience today shouldn’t surprise me.

I have always had amazing care at FHC. In 2004, we moved to Johnson Creek and began getting care in Fort. Since then, I have seen the exact same physicians. From Dr. Chuppa who helped me through infertility concerns to giving birth to three healthy baby boys, to Dr. Lemon who joined us right before the birth of my first son and has grown her family right beside me all the way to Dr. Anderson, who has been by our side through 7 (yes 7!) sets of tubes and 2 adenoidectomies. Not only is the consistency of physicians unheard of, but their investment in the health of our family brings me joy. I feel comfortable talking about every concern, worry, and intimate detail of our lives, just as much as I am talking about parenting frustrations or holiday plans. I honestly feel that our physicians are truly a part of our family. My point here is that I feel so honored to be part of a community the is just as invested in the wellness of my family as I am. Thank you Fort Health Care!

- Submitted by: Monica Wagner

Foot Surgery

What a wonderful experience I had in the out patient department. The nurses couldn’t have been more personal and attentive. I was treated like a queen. I was not rushed out of there. I can’t say enough how comfortable I was with everything. I was a nervous wreck and they dealt beautifully with me. I’m from Janesville and you have it way over Dean there! Thank you all for such wonderful care , it means a lot to me!

- Submitted by: Victoria McCulloch

Kudos to a Nice and Caring Nurse

Yesterday, my daughter was in your E.R. and a VERY nice nurse went way out of her way to help us to get her taken to a Madison Hospital. She followed through with everything possible to help because my daughter’s insurance recently changed and she tracked everything down us to provide her the best care possible. We were there for a good 7 hours and she made our visit as comfortable as possible. Kudos to her for being such a nice and caring nurse. Her name is Betty Cloute. Please give her a pat on the back for being so compassionate not only to the patient, but to her family member, also.

- Submitted by: Linda

Above and Beyond Emergency Care

We came into the ER at 10 pm. on Thursday, October 17th as my daughter-in-law was having severe pain in her lower stomach. We were greeted by Zoe and another nurse that was there for our entire stay throughout the night. We were in the ER all night because they had to run tests on Elizabeth and while there Zoe made sure we were very well taken care of and made sure we were comfortable and had what we needed. He went above and beyond what he needed to do and made our visit go very smoothly and kept Elizabeth calm when emotions were running high. He also made sure to come in as his shift was ending to make sure we were doing OK and to let Elizabeth know he hoped all went well as she was getting ready to head to surgery and said how sorry he was for the outcome but that it was going to be fixed now. I appreciate all Zoe did for us while we were there and made sure we were all taken care of. Thank you Zoe, for everything.

- Submitted by: Pam B.

Super Hand Surgery

On October 1, 2013, Dr. Bruno performed a procedure on my hand as a treatment for Dupuytren’s contracture. On October 31, I was released from care with no restrictions. I am writing today to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service, care and kindness delivered by Dr. Bruno, his nurse Lisa and super therapist Kelly Brunson. Thanks to the entire staff at Fort HealthCare. Keep up the good work.

- Submitted by: Jerry M.

Shout out to Cardiac Rehab Staff

I have almost completed being a patient in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Fort Healthcare. I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Lisa and her crew for getting me back on track during this difficult period in my life.

I would like to thank Lisa, Jeannie, and Jeff for doing a great job. They provided me with inspiration as they monitored my progress.

Lisa would often say, "Exercise is your friend.”  Jeannie would always encourage us as she took our vitals, and Jeff would ask if I was "loafing" and really motivate me to do better. Jeff only worked a day or two a week, but he provided great personalized attention. He gave good advice and like a drill sergeant pushed me to do my best in order to get healthy.

All of the people in Cardiac Rehab are assets to your operation and should be recognized for doing a great job.

- Submitted by: Len K.

World Class Emergency Care

I came to the ER with what I thought was kidney pain as I have a history of kidney issues. It turned out to be an appendicitis. The doctors were very competent… they did an excellent job at diagnosing and treating me promptly. This however is not why I am writing. Every nurse and support staff, and I mean EVERY one of them were excellent! From the ER tech to the CT tech (She was so full of energy and her humor put me at ease!) and the many nurses who provided such amazing care! I wish I could have gotten all the names, however the pain I was in was a bit distracting. The nurses were very reassuring, and seemed to be very happy to do whatever they could to help me. You can tell they LOVE their jobs! I can’t remember a hospital experience that was this plesant (Despite the pain and surgery of course!). Even though I could tell how busy they were, they never made me feel like I was a bother, in fact they made me feel like I was their most important patient. A nurse even offered to let me borrow a spare pair of her glasses to try and see the TV as mine were taken home at that point. This was only one of many examples of their excellent care! I truely felt cared for instead of just being just a number, as is the case at most hospitals I’ve been to before.  You can’t buy this type of care, but when you have this level of compassion it should be rewarded in any way possible!  Thank you for making it less scary, less painful, and as plesant as it could be considering the circumstances. I feel very lucky to have moved to a city with such world class care, right in my backyard.

- Submitted by: Nick

Calm, competent and respectful Emergency Department care

My Mom came in to the ER from Alden Estates of Jefferson last July. Christine Roth was not only my Mom’s nurse…but without her, I truly believe my Mom would have died. From the moment I walked in the room in the ER to see my Mom, and met Christine, I immediately felt that Mom was in good hands. Christine was calm, competent, respectful, and truly listened to what I had to say. Please give Christine a heartfelt THANK YOU from me, and our family for being the wonderful nurse that she is.

- Submitted by: Patti T.

Job well done at Urgent Care

On January 13th, 2012 after spraining my neck, I visited urgent care to get checked out. Everyone I dealt with (triage reception, nurses, xray tech, physicians assistant and finally the doctor on duty) was professional yet friendly, very efficient and thorough. It was comforting to know I wasn’t just "another patient" and the extra effort noticeable from A to Z was much appreciated!

I’m normally very healthy but I’m an athlete and thus no stranger to clinics or the hospital.  This is my first time dealing with Fort HealthCare and I say job well done!

- Submitted by: Josiah L.

Comfortable and Efficient Emergency Care

My girlfriend just moved up to WI from Louisville KY and has only been here a few days before having serious pains in her mid abdomen on the right side, so we came to the ER here and everyone was efficient, the operation and care she recieved was made to make her feel comfortable, all she kept saying was how well she was treated by everyone involved! Thank you to the entire staff, as making someone comfortable seems to help them feel more secure, heal faster, and be in a better state of mind-and that you all did very well!

- Submitted by: Richard S

Choking Incident Ends Well

"I was choking after a bite of a sandwich; I was rushed to Fort Atkinson Urgent Care. They immediately started the process of getting me checked in. A team came in and removed the obstruction and within a few hours I was released and everything was fine. I feel that the entire professional group was great and they all worked great together. Even when I was being a bear because of my discomfort they continued to be comforting and professional. Thanks again ~ from a very appreciated patient.

- Submitted by: Julie C.

Coordinated Care Brings Excellent Results

My son broke his hand on October 1. The ER staff was awesome.  We followed up with Orthopedic Associates and Dr. Bruno. Dr. Bruno was excellent with Brett and I would highly recommend him to others. The staff at Dr Bruno’s office was excellent also. We were making an appointment to see someone about wrapping Brett’s hand to return to football. When Lisa Weber heard that practice was that day – she immediately called over to the sport therapy center to see if someone could see Brett right away. They made this happen and Brett was allowed to return to practice the same day. Betty made our appointments and followed up to make sure he was taken care of. After that we met with Sarah Dettwiler and she fixed up Brett with a device he could use to get through his last few practices and game. Usually things don’t happen that fast and I wanted to let you know that you have some excellent employees working for you who will go over and above what’s necessary because they care. Thank you.

- Submitted by: Karen M.

Emergency Care Saves a Life

"I would like to thank the ER staff for saving my mother’s life. She came in on February 14, 2011 at about 0930 with chest pains and she was in St. Mary’s by 10:00. Thanks to the quick actions of the ER staff she made it to Madison and had stents put in before I could drive from my home in Black River Falls to St. Mary’s. Again thank you, without you people we would be grieving the loss of our mother today.

- Submitted by: Michael

Thank you, Dr. Anderson, ENT & Surgery Staff

"Thank you once again Fort HealthCare for the wonderful care I received during my recent sinus surgery. Dr. Anderson, ENT, and the Ambulatory Services staff provided the most caring and compassionate service during my stay. I will continue to highly recommend Dr. Anderson and Fort HealthCare."

- Submitted by: Tricia W.

Thank you, Dr. Anderson

 "It was exactly 6 years ago that I was referred to Dr. Michael Anderson, ENT for an ongoing problem with strep throat, sore throats, etc… After suffering for years with sore throat, the decision was made to have my tonsils removed. Of course, I had heard terrifying stories of how painful it was. Dr. Anderson helped to reduce those fears and help make my experience at Fort Health Care a less scary experience. He gives you his undivided attention and shows how much he genuinely cares!  As I now need to consider a possible sinus surgery, I know that I am in the best care around!!!"  – Tricia W.

- Submitted by: Tricia W.

Small Town Hospital - Big Time Care

"ER on 8/29. Admitted and stay was thru 9/1. Great care by Dr. Woelfle in ER. Love the new hospitalist program and Dr Saladi who made a quick and accurate diagnosis. Nursing and CNA staff caring and attentive. Room Service staff nice and friendly. Can’t say enough–other than my Facebook post that says "Small town hospital — Big time care!!)"

- Submitted by: Mary J.

Friendly, Caring and Helpful Staff

 "I wanted to express my thanks for the staff at the ambulatory center on 7/7/10. My wife came in for a arthroscopic knee procedure. The nursing staff, doctor, the anesthesiologist and even the receptionist personnel were friendly, caring, helpful, and attentive. And thanks for the bean soup.


- Submitted by: Ralph H.

Best Treatment Ever in Emergency Department

"My 26 year old son was in Johnson Creek for a work interview when he suffered an epileptic seizure. He was brought by ambulance to Fort Memorial Hospital ER. We picked my son up later that afternoon. On the ride home, he said that he had the best treatment that he’s ever experienced in an ER – and he’s been several different ERs over the years. Thank you and keep up the good work. "

Thankful for Compassionate ICU Care

"I just want to say "thank you" to the wonderful staff of the ICU – both intermediate and intensive care units – for the wonderful, compassionate staff that took care of my 84 year old mother, Jo Comstock. They were so caring and so compassionate – never acting impatient. What a blessing these wonderful caregivers have been. I hesitate to name them, as I am sure to forget someone – but thank you BJ, Carol, Marianne, Ann, Judy, Dennis, Amanda, Andrea(?) – and I am so sorry if I can’t remember all of your names. Although, my mom tried to remember each name on a daily basis. 

Bless you all for your compassionate care. None of your patients want to make a fuss, or complain…so thank you for anticipating their needs. 
Cynthia Beebe

Thanks for Timely Service

"Hello, I wanted to tell someone how a customer service employee impacted my life. I have had a large bill with your facility and if it wasn’t for Dawn working with me on making monthly payments. I don’t know what I would have done. The first time I called she was so kind and patient with me. I really felt she cared about my situation and did anything she could for me. She was always very personable and did very well on the phones. I have been in customer service over the phones before and I was very pleased with her work and wanted her to be recognized for her outstanding work. Because I thought she did very well on the phone, going forward she was the only person I would speak with about my account. I do not like calling into places and always get different people because most of the time you get a different answer or they are horrible on the phone. If she wasn’t available I would take her voicemail and she would return my call within hours. Dawn did a great job with me and if I am seen in the Fort Health Care System again I will DEFINITLY contact her again.

Thank you for your time.
April D.

Special Thanks for Special Care

"Our family would like to thank the staffs of the Emergency room, 2nd floor nursing staff, and the ICU Unit as well as Dr’s Williams & Hussain for the devoted and skilled care they gave Elaine Johnson during her struggles with ALS and the complications of the disease. We cannot adequately express our gratitude for the excellent level of care she received and the support given to the family. Thank you all for your skill and caring.


While others were involved, we’re sure, I would especially like to thank Nurses Penny, Ellie, & Michelle from the 2nd floor Nursing staff, as well as Amber, Marrianne, & Merridith from ICUfor their excellent care. Shawn in Emergency was also kind and skilled along with the emergency room nurses.


With sincere appreciation,


Linda Wagner & Family


Thanks for great ER care

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Heather Jones and Dr. Woelfle! I had to go to the er this morning and I was very well taken care of. They both answered all my questions and made me feel really comfortable and at home. Heather was great! She has a great personalility and treated me like family.

Thank you again very much!
Michelle Hardin"

Thank you to ER, Radiology and Dr. Edelman

"In April my 14 year old daughter fell in the shower after having a new onset of seizures. We were brought into the hospital by ambulance and immediately the ER staff took great care of her. The Radiology staff did an excellent job taking care of my daughter while she was scared and in a post ictal state. In the days following we were able to experience even more compassionate care with staff in lab, EEG, MRI, anesthesia and in outpatient clinic to see Dr. Edelman.

In all of the appointments that we had, I felt that the staff in each department did an excellent job to ease our anxiety and answer questions. I am very appreciative because I believe the care we received has helped my daughter accept her diagnosis and know that she can always feel at ease during future appointments.
Thank you for being professional and caring!"

- Submitted by: A grateful mom

Radiology Dept. is Thoughtful

My elderly father was at Fort Hospital for a CT-scan.  I was concerned about him because he is so frail and anxious about these medical procedures.  But Patti, the radiology tech. was SO kind and patient with my dad!  She explained everything to him slowly and carefully until he understood what was going to happen.  My parents and I have used the services of Fort Health Care many times over the last 10 years and have NEVER had a bad experience!  Everyone there is professional, helpful, and very kind.  We thank the doctors who have done such a great job for us: Dr. Fischer, Dr. Kazi, Dr. Wishau, Dr. Barnes, Dr. Rowe, and surgeons Dr. Nervi and Erickson.  We lived in the Chicago area until moving to Cambridge in 1995 and continue to be impressed with the high quality of care provided by Fort Health Care!  Thank you!

Help from Pediatrics staff

"This is not a big thing, like a baby delivery, but it said a lot to me about the staff in pediatrics. Since our daughter was born, we have always been very pleased with the people there, but this one stuck out to me.

I called the other day because of some troubles our baby daughter was having. I talked to a nurse named Jill, but I didn’t get her last name. 
She spoke to me on the phone for several minutes and gave me some very helpful information. Then she called back a while later after she’d talked to a doctor and had some more things that might be useful. On top of all that, she took the time to send me a handout by mail. 
I was very pleased with her pleasantness and willingness to take extra time for us. Best of all, her suggestions helped my daughter out quite a bit. She has been a much happier, more comfortable baby over the last few days. Thank you!"

- Submitted by: Naomi

Many thanks to OB staff

"We just had our second child on May 16, 2009 and the experience was REALLY something. Everyone was INCREDIBLE!! I want to give a HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU to Teara & Kari…..You girls were soooo incredible during my delivery. You had to put up with a lot and you were so wonderful about it. I was VERY difficult at times during labor but you guys responded with a smile and I give you credit for that. Kari….thanks for being such a GREAT SPORT!!!! I appreciate that with the way I was in labor that you went above and beyond and literally RAN around to keep me happy. You have no idea what that truly meant and I feel terrible for how I was so demanding. You guys don’t understand my level of gratitude. Now if only I would HAVE more kids (which I am not) then I would special request you in specific (and I promise to Kari I would not run her to death). Anyway, I could go on and on about how grateful I am but I don’t think the website would appreciate that. Again….THANK YOU so much. A very special thank you as well to Liz who also did a super job on keeping tabs on me throughout the day. You were just as sweet as the other girls. REALLY? Who am I kidding…..YOU WERE ALL GREAT!! Thanks again SO much!!"

- Submitted by: Amanda Pete

Care and Compassion on OB Unit

My husband and I would like to thank the wonderful staff of the OB unit. On April 16th we gave birth to a tiny 17 week stillborn baby boy. The whole staff was caring, compassionate, and went way beyond the call of duty. Special thanks to Nurse Sandy and Nurse Teara. Words cannot begin to express how grateful we are for your skillful care and vast tenderness at such a trying time. Many blessings and appreciation to our outstanding Doctor Wedl. Her great compassion and masterful skill as a physician makes her one of Fort HealthCare’s finest. Be assured that there is now a new angel in heaven watching down upon you all. Many, many thanks and blessings……


- Submitted by: Scott & Sarah Campbell

Dr. Randall Jennings

"Dr. Jennings has worked on me twice over the last 10 years. I found him to be direct and to the point with his opinion and his work !! He is a top notch surgeon and a top notch person !! I can’t say enough about Dr. Randall Jennings."


- Submitted by: Jerry Johnson, Beloit, WI

Great Orthopedic Care from Dr. Jennings

My wife and I were very pleased with the service of Dr. Randall Jennings for both our daughter and son in the past year. Our son had a football injury that to us was devastating at the time as he was being recruited to run track in college. Dr. Jennings was very competent, knowledgeable and professional. This was very reassuring for us at the time and we felt that we had chosen the best physician to handle our son’s situation. Later in the spring our son had some back pain issues and Dr. Jennings was extremely prompt in getting our son into be seen. So it was without a second thought that we sought his care for our daughter who had some hip problems and broke her leg. Dr Jennings nurse Angie and receptionist in Whitewater were very friendly and caring. Others at the clinics (Whitewater and Fort Atkinson) provided high levels of care as well. Thank you!

- Submitted by: Robert Bughman

Thank you Dr. Dhillon and nursing staff

Dr. Dhillon is the best doctor we have ever met and so is all his team! Thanks for all your great work and God bless you all.

- Submitted by: constantino & yuridia garcia-lopez

Wonderful Birthing Experience Times Four

The birthing experience of our fourth child at Fort Memorial Hospital was WONDERFUL! (We’ve had all four of our babies here!) ALL our nurses (Cyndy, Carrie, Lori, Tiffany and Jackie) were wonderful and we were very happy with the care we received. We also want to say that Cyndy really knows her stuff and in my opinion she went above and beyond her nurse duties that day! Thanks to all of you! Also to our wonderful OB doctor, Dr. Chuppa … she was great! Thanks to you all for making my last baby experience 100% great!

- Submitted by: Cherie Salzman (

Lost ... and Found

While lost, looking for the birthing center, I came across a volunteer named Stan who rescued me and personally guided me directly to the room I needed to visit. He was kind, personable and extremely helpful. Thanks to Stan I arrived at my destination quickly. In the room, I met a wonderful nurse Heidi, who is also extremely kind and helpful. I couldn’t be more impressed with the care my friend’s received during their special time.

- Submitted by: Sarah Wilson -

Great Experience!

We just delivered our baby at Fort Memorial Hospital. It was such a great experience! All of the nurses were excellent and Dr. Chuppa is incredible. We could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you so much!

- Submitted by: Anna Adesso -

Special Care in ICU

I was admitted to your facility on Aug 28th into ICU step down and the service I got from all of your personal was TLC and concern. They were there for anything I needed 24 hours a day. You also have a new RN there who is a keeper, Amanda Baum, RN. She might be young but understands older folks needs. Hats off to Fort HealthCare and its staff, they really made my stay as pleasent as possible.Thanks to all the nurses and the entire staff for taking care of my needs during my stay.

- Submitted by: Walter Melendez

Great patient care for my father

I just would like to tell you how wonderful your second floor and 1R ICU nurses were. My father was brought in two weeks ago with a fever. He has ALS and cannot talk. Everyone was wonderful with his care and letting my mom stay with him and making sure she was looked after and taken care of. They went well out of their way and made me comfortable as the older child knowing that they did what they did. When taken to a different hospital that following Sunday, and I visited Tuesday I was not impressed with the nurses as I was with Fort’s nurses. Also Dr. McGuire added that extra special treatment as my fathers doctor. Congradulations to your hospital on their great patient care.

- Submitted by: Pam Marks

Excellent Service Times Two

I gave birth to both of my children at Fort Memorial Hospital. Even though I had to have two additional surgeries following the birth of my son, I feel that I received excellent care from Dr. Shea and the OB nursing staff. I want to send a special thanks to Bev and Wendy. Bev because she went out of her way to make sure that I was able to get breast milk to my son following my last surgery. And Wendy (Dr. Shea’s nurse) because she had to endure all my questions and false labors. Thank you so much for helping my husband and I bring our beautiful children into the world.

- Submitted by: Shelly Wangerin -

Thank you birthing center

I just want everyone to know how much the entire obstetrics department means to us. They are all wonderful women and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Having both of our daughters in the hospital’s birthing center was truly a blessing and we couldn’t have asked for better care! Also we want to thank Dr. Joseph Shea, we think he is the best doctor anyone could have and he made us feel so safe with both pregnancies and deliveries! Thanks so much to all of you, we are sad to have the experience end!

- Submitted by: Carolyn Trost

Adopted son born at Fort Memorial Hospital

Last fall my husband and I adopted our precious son. Our birthmom had him at Fort Memorial Hospital and we can not say enough about the nurses there. Everyone could not have been warmer, more supportive and loving. They helped make our experience one that we will never forget. They are a bunch of very special women and hold a special place in our hearts.

- Submitted by: Heidi

New Grandparents Show Gratitude

We were recently blessed with the birth of our first grandchild. Even with the many complications, the nursing staff and Dr. Shea, were very supportive and "on their toes!" Words can’t even describe how greatful we are! Bless you all! 

- Submitted by: Rick & Mary Olson, Alexia Rottmann's loving grandparents.

Wonderful Care During Cancer Treatment

     I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the wonderful care that I received over the last five months.
     In August, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I cannot explain the thoughts and feelings that I had when I received this news.
     I have been a patient of your facility over the last half of 2006 and the beginning of 2007. Whether I was an inpatient or outpatient or just there for various tests, the care I received went above and beyond.
     All of the interaction that I had with the clerical staff, nurses, lab technicians, radiology, dietary and housekeeping staff was excellent. I was treated with dignity and respect. After the first few times I came in, for whatever reason, I was treated as if I was an old friend. I was called by my first name and even hugged by many of the staff. I recently was there for some tests and it was the same.
     I have run into some staff members out in the community and have always been greeted with a big smile, a friendly wave and a “how are you doing? You look great!” This meant a lot to me.
     I realize that we, including me, all too often only have something to say when we have a complaint. I must admit that I did have a few minor complaints while I was there. Now that I am feeling better, I realize that sometimes I felt so bad that no one could have pleased me. I think the staff, especially the nurses who probably get most of the complaints, should realize that the person they are dealing with is probably sick and frightened and their fears are taken out on them. They should not take the complaint personally.
     I can’t remember how many times while I was an inpatient that I cried (and there were many) and the staff member that was with me at that moment always had time to comfort me and help ease my fears. They treated me as if I was the only patient they had to see at the time. They never cut me short or made me feel uncomfortable in any way.
     There are a few staff members who are very dear to me that went out of their way to comfort me, but I do not want to mention any names for fear of leaving someone out.
     I would also like to thank all of the doctors who treated me. They also treated me with dignity and respect. All of my questions were answered and most of my fears allayed. I think when you are dealing with cancer there is never a time when all of your fears go away, but the Fort Memorial Hospital staff has been expertly trained in helping patients deal with those fears.
     So, to all of the staff at Fort Memorial Hospital, I would like to say thank you. You all have made a frightening and painful situation more bearable.

- Submitted by: Linda Hachtel (submitted with permission)

Thank you birthing staff

My husband and I would like to let the entire birthing center staff for how wonderful they made the experience of having our first child. Our nurse, Melanie, was kind, caring, compassionate, and honest about what my birthing experience was going to be like. I gave birth to a beautiful 9 pound baby girl with no epidural and I could not have done it without her encouragement. Thank you to all the staff who took such great care of us, we felt like the only patients there! Thank you also to Dr. Shea for being such an incredible doctor.

- Submitted by: Hillary Taylor

Excellent Work!

We just wanted to thank all the nurses, doctors and pediatricians on the OB floor. They were very kind and caring with all the questions we had. I gave birth to my first baby there in the new OB department and it was an awesome experience – not a scary experience. I was calm while in labor but one of the OB nurses that stuck out the most was Elizabeth. She was in the delivery room when I was giving birth and she just kept reassuring me that I was doing great. We were very happy with all the attention we received and received more attention because we are first time parents. We also felt the one-on-one interaction the staff had with the patients was extraordinary. We would recommend Fort Memorial Hospital’s OB facility to anyone having a baby or thinking of having a baby. If we have another baby it will definitely be at Fort! Keep up the excellent work OB staff!

- Submitted by: Shannon & Mario

Thanks For Going Above and Beyond!

A few months ago our two-year-old son woke up at 2 a.m. with terrible cough. He couldn’t catch his breath and was crying. We rushed up to the ER and entrusted him into the care of your amazing staff. Through the entire process of chest x-rays and administration of “yucky” tasting medicine the staff continued to bring comfort to our scared child. Before we left for home the nurse came back with a gift that she had been saving for a special patient. It was a stuffed shark. That night and every night since, he sleeps with his “big fish.” Thank you for you extra special attention to the smallest of patients.

- Submitted by: Michael & Liz Maier

Thank You OB Nursing Staff

We would like to thank the OB nursing staff; they were so wonderful during our stay at the hospital. Everyone was so helpful, especially Sandy, who helped us get through the hardest part! Our little baby was taken care of so well by the nurses on third shift while we slept. It felt like a vacation to us since we ended up being there for 5 days.

- Submitted by: Julie & Daniel

For Armstrong, cancer had positive side, too

Sue Armstrong thought she merely had a bad bout of flu when she entered the emergency room at Fort HealthCare in November 1998.
Rushed into surgery for undiagnosed colon cancer, Armstrong found her life suddenly revolving around the doctors and nurses at the Fort Atkinson hospital.

Despite the hardships of the cancer treatment- the poisons pumped into her body to kill even worse poisons, the discomfort, the fear- Armstrong said she was heartened by the “unbelievable effort” the Fort Atkinson health professionals put into her care.

“Then I started on another part of the journey, chemotherapy,” Armstrong recalled. “I was blessed that Fort HealthCare was equipped to provide the type of care I needed, just seven miles away from home.”

Armstrong said she sees the Fort Atkinson hospital as providing “top notch” services, and said she’d do anything she could to assist it in assisting others.
She said that although she wouldn’t have chosen this introduction to the ambulatory care and other departments at Fort HealthCare, her sometimes harrowing experience with cancer has made her aware of many caring people and wonderful services available there, about which she would not otherwise have known.

- Submitted by: Pam Chickering, Daily Jefferson County Union

Fort HealthCare got me back in the game. Fast!

After reconstructive knee surgery, I had physical therapy at the Fort HealthCare rehab clinic in Lake Mills for 2 months. It was so convenient, I went there right after school. I did slideboard, jumping, worked with weights, rode a bike, and did a wide variety of theraputic excercises. The people there really know what they’re doing, and they were so nice! We had fun and still accomplished my goals for a quick recovery. My knees supported during the past softball season, and I’m happy that I’ll be able to continue sports my first year of college.

- Submitted by: JR Imrie

The reassurance Fort HealthCare gave me was worth a lot.

After a few days of not feeling well, I went to see my doctor. He sent me straight to Fort HealthCare for blood tests. I was admitted to the emergency room, where tests quickly revealed that my appendix had ruptured. I had surgery later that day. They said it was a good thing that I came in when I did. I was discharged 6 days later with the open incision this surgery requires. It’s scary to go home with something like that. But the Home Health staff came to check on me every day, and provided lots of support during my recovery. I think Fort Atkinson is luck to have a hospital of this caliber. I’m sure I got more personal care and attention than I’d have received from an out of town hospital.

- Submitted by: Mary Preston

What I found at Fort HealthCare helped me lose weight.

When I was diagnosed with diabeters, my doctor referred me to Fort HealthCare for nutritional counseling. With my hectic schedule, it was a real plus being able to meet with my nutritionist near home in Whitewater. She was very encouraging, and assured me it wouldn’t be too hard to lose the weight. She was right! Following the sound dietary principles and the walking program she recommended, I’ve lost 52 pounds over the past six months, and I feel terrific!

- Submitted by: Gregg Kingsbury

Three good reasons to have your child at Fort HealthCare.

When we discovered I was carrying triplets, my husband and I were excited — and scared. But with close prenatal supervision, my pregnancy went smoothly, and I was able to deliver our babies at Fort HealthCare. They treated me like I was the first woman ever to have a baby! The babies received exceptional care, and I got a lot of guidance from the staff on how to handle triplets. My mom was born at Fort HealthCare, and so was I. I’m glad my three little sons came into the world here, too.

- Submitted by: Brenda Williams

A-1 Hospital Care

I am an 85-year-old resident of Dearborn, Mich. While visiting in Cambridge (attending high school graduation exercises), I became seriously ill and was rushed to Fort HealthCare. I was immediately placed in the ICU, where I remained for five days.

How fortunate the people are who have access to such a health-care facility. I’ve been in several hospitals, but the teamwork, dedication, caring, training of every member of the staff — the doctors, nurses, therapists, dietitians, aides, housekeeping, etc. — was A-1.

I want to publicly thank them for their services. It was a privilege to be at Fort HealthCare.

- Submitted by: Helen Andrews

A Close Call

I want to thank everyone in the maternity ward at Fort HealthCare as well as Dr. Mokhtar. Lilly, our first child, was delivered after a long labor by c-section and the nurses and the rest of the staff treated the two of us wonderfully, as well as my husband. Our every need was met in a caring and professional way. Thank you again!

- Submitted by: Tammy Boyd

THANK YOU Fort Atkinson Subacute

The family of Rose and Bill Joyce want to express our deepest debt of gratitude for the kind, loving, professional and excellent care you have provided during these past few months. Health issues can cause a family to display a full range of emotions. We are grateful for the compassionate and professional manner in which you handled ours.

As we enter this holiday season, we reflect on the wonderful lives we’ve lived. We enjoyed sharing our family album with the staff and residents. We appreciate the accommodation at Thanksgiving and the warmth you all showed our family. We believe there are angels among us and several of them reside and work on the second floor at the Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital.

Once again, please accept our sincere thanks for all you have done and know that you will be in our prayers. We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all of God’s blessings.

- Submitted by: Rose, Bill and Family

Thanks for the excellent care and warmth

My wife and I are the maternal grandparents of Logan, who was born at your facility on December 29th. We want you to know how much we were impressed with the excellent care given to our daughter, Tina and the warm hospitality shown to us during our visit. Everyone from the office staff in the hall, the staff at the coffee bar, the nurses and nurse’s assistants, the volunteers and everyone we met, treated us in a way that made us feel welcome and special. We would recommend your facilty to anyone.

- Submitted by: Steve

Thanks to Dr. Dhillion and The Center for Womens Health

I just wanted to thank Dr.Dhillion for everything. The Center for Womens Health nurses were also very kind and helpful. I could never ask for anything better while in delivery of my daughter Destiny. He made my time very memorable and the thought of this moment bring tears to my eyes. I feel that Dr.Dhillion is one of the best doctors anyone could Ever have. When I was in a lot of pain and going through the birth I still was laughing at him. He made me feel very comfotable and that’s the best thing anyone could feel. Again I just wanted to take the time to give thanks to him and let everyone know that he is one of the BEST anyone could ever have while giving birth to there child!!

- Submitted by: Jamie Jones

Thank you all so much

The birth of our first child, Andrew, was made even more special by the wonderful care and nuturing nature of everyone in the maternity ward. Everyone from the Doctors to the support staff were genuinely caring and kind. The staff was excellent at encouraging and suggesting methods that might work in the care of our child and were extremely professional in the way they conducted themselves. Thank you all so much.

- Submitted by: Brian Juarez

Thank you Barb Kelly at the Whitewater Rehab Clinic

Often, people are so quick to criticize, but do not take the time to express appreciation and pleasure when they encounter a positive experience. I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude, that I feel it is necessary that I pass this on to you.

A year ago, I began receiving care from Barb Kelly, a physical therapist, at the Whitewater Rehab Clinic. I was diagnosed with lymphedema, and needed quite a bit of help and care. When Barb’s name came highly recommended, I decided to give her a call. It was a horribly difficult time for me, and Barb was so pleasant and patient with me. She gave care and personal treatment one can only dream of getting from someone. Barb went above and beyond her call of duty as a therapist. Barb used all her resources to help me to the best of her ability.

I never dreamed of saying that I considered going to therapy with Barb as my safe-haven. She brought me up from my darkest hour, and helped me to realize all that I could accomplish, and that my condition was manageable. I truly feel honored to have met Barb, and that she is the one who took care of me. She changed my life, and I have no doubt that she has touched all of those who she comes across. Thank you!

- Submitted by: Victoria D.

Thank you Emergency Unit

I would like to take this time to commend you for developing an excellent medical care staff. I have nothing but high praise for the outstanding healthcare and their medical professionalism in your Emergency Unit.

I do not want to be a frequent visitor but, if I need your services again, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Please thank all of those involved for me.

- Submitted by: William M.

Thank you Emergency Room Staff

I would like to thank the staff at the Emergency room for the excellent service I recieved on 8/6/03 at 02:30 a.m., they quickly helped me with my health problem and eased my pain. Thank you so very much.

This is the second time I visited the e-room, the first was with my daughter and they were exceptional then and still are.

I would just like to say that they are very quality people and perform with diligence and determination.

- Submitted by: Frank G.

I Appreciated the Care

I was recently a patient on the Medical/Surgical/Pediatrics floor and wanted to express my thanks to the entire staff during my stay. What started out as a colonoscopy, turned into surgery as several of the polyps were too big to remove with that procedure. I would not call the stay pleasant as I was in some pain, but your staff including Jane in particular, always was there to assure me and encourage walking as a good start to recovery. All the staff during the day and night shifts were very polite and positive; just wanted to let you know I appreciated the care.

- Submitted by: Bill Herro

My ten years of pain disappeared at Fort HealthCare.

As a 12 year old farm girl, I injured my back lifting a bag of feed, and I lived with the pain for 10 years. Finally I went to Fort HealthCare rehabilitation services. My pain disappeared after just 3 days of doing the strengthening excercises they taught me. Being able to do all the things a 22 year old should be able to do, like playing softball or going bowling, has given me back my self esteem. And the Lake Mills annex made getting help easy — I got the excercise I needed close to home. If you ever find yourself in pain, don’t wait. Turn to the specialists at Fort HealthCare for relief.

- Submitted by: Heidi McHughs

Thank You for All You've Done for My Family

I wanted to thank all your staff for the care and compassion you provided to my family these past few years and most particularly these past few weeks.

You had taken excellent care of my Grandfather, Henry “Heinie” Smith. Over the past few months, his visits to FAMH were more frequent. I last visited Grandpa at FAMH on September 8th and your staff not only attended to his needs but also those of my family.

During parts of our visit, we needed to spend time in the lobby. For some reason, the lobby TV would not show the Packer game. This could have been a crisis on opening Packer weekend. Your maintenance staff rolled out a TV on a cart so we could distract ourselves while waiting for medical staff to attend to Grandpa.

When the nursing shift changed, one of your employees personally told us and checked to see if we needed anything.

Most impressive was the care provided by your nursing staff. Amy and Jodi were Grandpa’s nurses that day. Every time they came in to see him, they would tease and laugh with Grandpa as they performed their medical duties. This was very important to Grandpa as he always liked to flirt. This was something cancer could not take away from him. At the end of their shift, both Amy and Jodi came into Grandpa’s room to say goodnight for the evening.

I understand Jodi and Amy’s dedication and compassion was not the exception to the care Grandpa received at FAMH.

These may seem like small things but they distinguish quality care from generic medical care.

I have worked in the administrative side of senior healthcare for the last 10 years and I know that appropriate appreciation is not consistently shown to the caregivers that deserve it the most.

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated all you did for Grandpa and my family.

- Submitted by: Marcia Newton

Thank you Cambridge EMS

My mother was a patient at your hospital about three weeks ago. She had respiratory arrest and came in to your ER as a pulseless, non-breather. What saved her life was quick action by Cambridge EMS but mostly, your paramedic team who arrived quickly.

Without the ability to intubate my mother, she would not have lived to get to your hospital.

I am very grateful that you have this wonderful service and that it was available to her, in Cambridge.

The paramedic was very kind and compassionate! Thank you!

- Submitted by: Gloria M.

Thank you Labor and Delivery

I would like to thank all the nurses and Dr. Mokhtar for the kind and patient care they gave me while in the hospital with my “early” labor experience. One nurse in the labor and delivery floor, Heidi, stands out most and made my scary experience not only fun but calm. I look forward to seeing you all again when the time comes for me to have my daughter. I have a little one who was born in 2000 and I received excellent care then and now it seems to just have gotten better. Thank you again for your outstanding care. See you all soon.

- Submitted by: The Sherry Family

Thank You Birthing Center

We would like to thank some of the special staff on in the birthing center. Our little bundle of joy arrived over three weeks early; since we are first time parents, this was a very scary experience to say the least. We loved our nurse, Heidi, who immediately put us to ease. She calmed us and helped us get to the task at hand. Over our stay the outstanding nursing staff was wonderful to all of us. Another individual that deserves to be pointed out is Bev. Our little girl had some trouble with breast feeding. Bev’s patient and kind words had us on the right track in no time.

We simply wanted to take some time to let the people know how much we appreciate them and the service they provided!

- Submitted by: Chris and Jacki

Thank you Speech Therapy Staff

My dad is a resident at Countryside Health Care center and has been having problems with choking when eating. He had a test done in the x ray dept and the Speech Therapist and her staff were so kind and understanding with him. The therapist explained what she was going to do and then explained the results and sent a report with him back to the nursing home so they knew how to help him right away. They cared and my dad got better. Thank you

- Submitted by: Melissa

Thank you Labor & Delivery Staff

I wanted to thank the nursing staff on the OB floor. They were kind and caring to a new mother with a ton of questions. Special thanks to Bev who spend a lot of time trying to help me get my milk in. She spent about a month trying every option she could with us, we are not a complete success but we would of had no success without Bev. Thank you so much.

- Submitted by: Janet Fandrey

Thank you Labor & Deliver Staff

I am sending this email to let you all know what a wonderful job the staff there is doing. I gave birth to my first baby there and it was an awesome experience. I received all the attention I needed and more. Most importantly I felt the one on one interaction with the staff was extraordinary. I would recommend Fort’s facility to anyone. Keep up the great work!

- Submitted by: Jamila Gilliam

Thank you!

Recently, I spent four days in your hospital on the surgical floor. I just want to say thank you for the wonderful care your staff gave me. They treated me with the utmost care and respect. Every department from the surgeons to the maintenance people were friendly and polite. I am very glad I came to your hospital for my surgery. Thank you again!

- Submitted by: Dale A. Bieck