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Dr. Glinnert and Office Staff

We have been traveling to Fort Atkinson for years to an annual skin check because of their photographic capabilities for moles, even though we have our own local dermatologists. For years, it was me, my husband and father and we all 3 would be given an appointment together. Now that my Dad is gone, its me and my husband.

So, in early February, we traveled to see Dr. Glinnert and were SHOCKED and PLEASANTLY SURPRISED that his office staff had kept a bracelet I apparently left behind at an appointment a year ago – and they gave it to me. How considerate is this? I couldn’t have been more flabbergasted or pleased. I hadn’t missed the bracelet or noticed that it was gone, and it was inexpensive, but how very considerate of them! They deserve recognition. I told Dr. Glinnert but the whole hospital needs to hear this. In a day when medical personnel can be rude and inconsiderate, we have always found Dr. Glinnert’s staff and him to be so very caring, considerate, helpful and friendly.

Thank you!