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For Armstrong, cancer had positive side, too

Sue Armstrong thought she merely had a bad bout of flu when she entered the emergency room at Fort HealthCare in November 1998.
Rushed into surgery for undiagnosed colon cancer, Armstrong found her life suddenly revolving around the doctors and nurses at the Fort Atkinson hospital.

Despite the hardships of the cancer treatment- the poisons pumped into her body to kill even worse poisons, the discomfort, the fear- Armstrong said she was heartened by the “unbelievable effort” the Fort Atkinson health professionals put into her care.

“Then I started on another part of the journey, chemotherapy,” Armstrong recalled. “I was blessed that Fort HealthCare was equipped to provide the type of care I needed, just seven miles away from home.”

Armstrong said she sees the Fort Atkinson hospital as providing “top notch” services, and said she’d do anything she could to assist it in assisting others.
She said that although she wouldn’t have chosen this introduction to the ambulatory care and other departments at Fort HealthCare, her sometimes harrowing experience with cancer has made her aware of many caring people and wonderful services available there, about which she would not otherwise have known.