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Radiology Dept. is Thoughtful

My elderly father was at Fort Hospital for a CT-scan.  I was concerned about him because he is so frail and anxious about these medical procedures.  But Patti, the radiology tech. was SO kind and patient with my dad!  She explained everything to him slowly and carefully until he understood what was going to happen.  My parents and I have used the services of Fort Health Care many times over the last 10 years and have NEVER had a bad experience!  Everyone there is professional, helpful, and very kind.  We thank the doctors who have done such a great job for us: Dr. Fischer, Dr. Kazi, Dr. Wishau, Dr. Barnes, Dr. Rowe, and surgeons Dr. Nervi and Erickson.  We lived in the Chicago area until moving to Cambridge in 1995 and continue to be impressed with the high quality of care provided by Fort Health Care!  Thank you!