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Thank you Barb Kelly at the Whitewater Rehab Clinic

Often, people are so quick to criticize, but do not take the time to express appreciation and pleasure when they encounter a positive experience. I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude, that I feel it is necessary that I pass this on to you.

A year ago, I began receiving care from Barb Kelly, a physical therapist, at the Whitewater Rehab Clinic. I was diagnosed with lymphedema, and needed quite a bit of help and care. When Barb’s name came highly recommended, I decided to give her a call. It was a horribly difficult time for me, and Barb was so pleasant and patient with me. She gave care and personal treatment one can only dream of getting from someone. Barb went above and beyond her call of duty as a therapist. Barb used all her resources to help me to the best of her ability.

I never dreamed of saying that I considered going to therapy with Barb as my safe-haven. She brought me up from my darkest hour, and helped me to realize all that I could accomplish, and that my condition was manageable. I truly feel honored to have met Barb, and that she is the one who took care of me. She changed my life, and I have no doubt that she has touched all of those who she comes across. Thank you!