Fort Memorial Hospital
611 Sherman Avenue East
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
(920) 568-5000 | La linea de mensajes: (920) 568-5001

The reassurance Fort HealthCare gave me was worth a lot.

After a few days of not feeling well, I went to see my doctor. He sent me straight to Fort HealthCare for blood tests. I was admitted to the emergency room, where tests quickly revealed that my appendix had ruptured. I had surgery later that day. They said it was a good thing that I came in when I did. I was discharged 6 days later with the open incision this surgery requires. It’s scary to go home with something like that. But the Home Health staff came to check on me every day, and provided lots of support during my recovery. I think Fort Atkinson is luck to have a hospital of this caliber. I’m sure I got more personal care and attention than I’d have received from an out of town hospital.