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Today’s Appointment

Today, I had my annual dermatology appointment and remembered, again, why I love being part of the Fort Healthcare Family. The receptionist greeted me with a smile, made purposeful eye contact and was kind. The nurse who took me back to the room made pleasant conversation and genuinely cared when she asked about my personal life. When Dr. Glinert joined me with the nurse, he asked about my family, children and place of work. Either he has am amazing memory since he only sees me once a year or he reviewed my chart thoroughly–either way, I am flattered that he cared enough about my comfort during our appointment to ask. My experience today shouldn’t surprise me.

I have always had amazing care at FHC. In 2004, we moved to Johnson Creek and began getting care in Fort. Since then, I have seen the exact same physicians. From Dr. Chuppa who helped me through infertility concerns to giving birth to three healthy baby boys, to Dr. Lemon who joined us right before the birth of my first son and has grown her family right beside me all the way to Dr. Anderson, who has been by our side through 7 (yes 7!) sets of tubes and 2 adenoidectomies. Not only is the consistency of physicians unheard of, but their investment in the health of our family brings me joy. I feel comfortable talking about every concern, worry, and intimate detail of our lives, just as much as I am talking about parenting frustrations or holiday plans. I honestly feel that our physicians are truly a part of our family. My point here is that I feel so honored to be part of a community the is just as invested in the wellness of my family as I am. Thank you Fort Health Care!