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Wonderful Care During Cancer Treatment

     I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the wonderful care that I received over the last five months.
     In August, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I cannot explain the thoughts and feelings that I had when I received this news.
     I have been a patient of your facility over the last half of 2006 and the beginning of 2007. Whether I was an inpatient or outpatient or just there for various tests, the care I received went above and beyond.
     All of the interaction that I had with the clerical staff, nurses, lab technicians, radiology, dietary and housekeeping staff was excellent. I was treated with dignity and respect. After the first few times I came in, for whatever reason, I was treated as if I was an old friend. I was called by my first name and even hugged by many of the staff. I recently was there for some tests and it was the same.
     I have run into some staff members out in the community and have always been greeted with a big smile, a friendly wave and a “how are you doing? You look great!” This meant a lot to me.
     I realize that we, including me, all too often only have something to say when we have a complaint. I must admit that I did have a few minor complaints while I was there. Now that I am feeling better, I realize that sometimes I felt so bad that no one could have pleased me. I think the staff, especially the nurses who probably get most of the complaints, should realize that the person they are dealing with is probably sick and frightened and their fears are taken out on them. They should not take the complaint personally.
     I can’t remember how many times while I was an inpatient that I cried (and there were many) and the staff member that was with me at that moment always had time to comfort me and help ease my fears. They treated me as if I was the only patient they had to see at the time. They never cut me short or made me feel uncomfortable in any way.
     There are a few staff members who are very dear to me that went out of their way to comfort me, but I do not want to mention any names for fear of leaving someone out.
     I would also like to thank all of the doctors who treated me. They also treated me with dignity and respect. All of my questions were answered and most of my fears allayed. I think when you are dealing with cancer there is never a time when all of your fears go away, but the Fort Memorial Hospital staff has been expertly trained in helping patients deal with those fears.
     So, to all of the staff at Fort Memorial Hospital, I would like to say thank you. You all have made a frightening and painful situation more bearable.