Fort Memorial Hospital
611 Sherman Avenue East
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
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World Class Emergency Care

I came to the ER with what I thought was kidney pain as I have a history of kidney issues. It turned out to be an appendicitis. The doctors were very competent… they did an excellent job at diagnosing and treating me promptly. This however is not why I am writing. Every nurse and support staff, and I mean EVERY one of them were excellent! From the ER tech to the CT tech (She was so full of energy and her humor put me at ease!) and the many nurses who provided such amazing care! I wish I could have gotten all the names, however the pain I was in was a bit distracting. The nurses were very reassuring, and seemed to be very happy to do whatever they could to help me. You can tell they LOVE their jobs! I can’t remember a hospital experience that was this plesant (Despite the pain and surgery of course!). Even though I could tell how busy they were, they never made me feel like I was a bother, in fact they made me feel like I was their most important patient. A nurse even offered to let me borrow a spare pair of her glasses to try and see the TV as mine were taken home at that point. This was only one of many examples of their excellent care! I truely felt cared for instead of just being just a number, as is the case at most hospitals I’ve been to before.  You can’t buy this type of care, but when you have this level of compassion it should be rewarded in any way possible!  Thank you for making it less scary, less painful, and as plesant as it could be considering the circumstances. I feel very lucky to have moved to a city with such world class care, right in my backyard.