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We are here for you every step of the way.
Join a group or learn about a service that can help you continue on your health journey!

*Contact the Weight Management Specialist for more information: 920-568-5489

Online/Fort HealthCare Facebook Support Group – “Livin’ the Healthy Life”

Join our closed group on Facebook where you can receive support to help you carry out all the behavioral changes you will need to help keep you accountable and succeed with weight loss. Get fitness, exercise, and general health information, ideas for meals and recipes, emotional support, as well as fun facts and tips. The site is administered by the Weight Management Team which consists of a physician, nurse, dietitian, Health Coach, and athletic trainer. You will also be able to post and receive posts by other people who have joined the closed group looking for that same support.

This is a closed group, so you will need to request to join and one of our team members will approve your request. Only people that are in the group on Facebook will be able to see what is posted on our page.

To request to join the group, click here while logged in on Facebook. Or, to search for the group first, type “FHC Livin the Healthy Life” in the search bar while logged in on Facebook. Click on “request to join” and we will receive your notification.

Download PDF: “Find Support on Social Media”

Weight Watchers at Work

Traditional Weight Watcher Program with a weekly weigh in and support group run by Weight Watcher Specialists located at Fort HealthCare for convenience. For details, contact Robin Bunting, Fort HealthCare Weight Watchers at Work representative at or call (262) 594-5484.               

 Phone/email correspondence

After completing the supervised weight management program, receive (weekly/monthly) correspondence via the phone or e-mail to check on progress and help keep a person accountable for making healthy lifestyle changes.

 Physician visits                                

Continue working with the Weight Management Physician (your Primary Care Provider) on a monthly basis to help keep a person on track after completing a 6 month diet program.

 Health Coach

Work one on one with a Health Coach who will help develop  strategies and safely engage clients in health behavior changes and self-management of health conditions. Contact the Weight Management Specialist at (920) 568-5489 to begin.