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The Fort HealthCare Slimdown Challenge is an 8-week-long online challenge that invites all local community members to utilize available tools and seek motivation to live healthier, more active lifestyles while losing some unwanted pounds. The goal is to healthfully lose 5% official weigh-in weight and achieve overall health improvement with the opportunity for successful and engaged participants to win great prizes.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here! The 2015 Slimdown Challenge prizes and winners are…

One ‘Slimdown Superstar’ – Debra Behm-Kraehnke

One recipient who completes all tasks and achieves the highest percentage of weight loss – $250 Visa gift card + Fit Bit Surge

5% or More Lost – Corey Falzone, Ashley Morse, Tracy Wilde, Angela Szabo, Lisa Teeter

Five recipients (drawing) who complete all tasks and achieve at least 5% loss – Fit Bit Surge

Maintained or Lost – Michael Bender, Ann Kutz, Shelly Schroedl, Mary Heagney, Kari Pauli

Five recipients (drawing) who complete all tasks and achieve weight maintenance or lose a small percentage (ideal for those not looking to lose weight, but are looking to improve overall health!) – $50 Visa gift card

Eight Weekly ‘Wellness Warriors’ – Angela Heald, Lea Schuette, Julie Stout, Lisa Daye, Susan Schmidt, Adam Mielke, Autumn Steine, Tricia Abendroth

Eight recipients (nominate a fellow Slimdown participant who’s finding success and motivating others!) – $25 Visa gift card

Eight Weekly Winners – Terra Anderson, Dan Grzenia, Traci Logothetis, Linda Ager, Michelle McDermott, Marlene Lobel, Anita Martinez, Melissa Whitten

Eight recipients (drawing) who complete the designated week’s tasks – $25 Visa gift card


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1. Log your weight

2. Read the education

3. Take the quiz

Tasks are due Monday nights by 11:59pm. All tasks must be completed each week for prize eligibility. Note: If you miss a deadline, you must complete the current, visible task, then wait until the next day for the next week’s tasks to appear – plan ahead!


Please call 920-568-5244 or consult your challenge dashboard with any questions or concerns.