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Registration opens April 5, 2021 for this FREE 6-WEEK challenge that begins in May!

We are pleased to announce a brand-new, FREE community-based wellness challenge open to adults beginning May 4, 2021, to coincide with Mental Well-Being Awareness Month.

This six-week challenge encourages physical activity and tracking steps as a way to get participants moving. Steps and exercises are tools for healthy coping by decreasing the effects of stress on the body.

Physical activity is important

Physical activity is so important for the entire body and all of it’s systems and should be done at a moderate intensity most days of the week. This can range anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes each day.

Aside from physical activity helping with overall health and values such as blood pressure, cardiovascular endurance, blood glucose numbers and weight, it has a positive effect on the brain, which can help a person when they are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression, and can be a great coping mechanism.

With exercise, we recommend choosing an activity that you know you will enjoy and find fun, because then it will feel like something you will look forward to and maintain throughout time, ultimately creating healthy and sustainable habits.

Cope with stress using physical activity

Walking (or any exercise) can help relieve stress in many ways. Short bouts of exercise can boost endorphins in the body, which can help reduce stress hormones and alleviate mild depression.

Everyone experiences some type of stress each day, which can affect our overall health. The key is to manage our stress and the quickest and easiest way to get out of our heads, is to get up and take a short walk. We hope that the Make Each Step Count Challenge provides a fun, engaging opportunity for people to challenge themselves by managing their stress with exercise.

Wellness challenge details

The challenge will also include two weekly tasks to complete. One will be a piece of weekly education and the other will be tracking your steps. If you do not have a tracking device such as a Fitbit, Apple Watch or Garmin, an activity-conversion chart will be provided. Also, many smart phones have a tracking app you can use to keep track of your steps.

Additionally, throughout the challenge, there will be an interactive daily calendar that will have a daily challenge, weekly Bingo Bonus Challenge and great pieces of health information and blogs to encourage your progress. As part of the challenge, there will be prizes given to some of the top step-getters.

This challenge is a great opportunity to begin moving or to continue with your current exercise plan. We hope the challenge is fun, and inspires healthy lifestyle habits that continue for participants beyond the challenge dates.

Be eligible for prizes

The challenge will encourage 10,000 steps a day throughout the six-weeks, however, the prize structure will start at 5,000 steps a day to inspire those individuals who are just starting their fitness journey, or those who have taken some time off and are jumping back in. Prize details will be shared as part of the program for registered participants.


All Winners are randomly selected and have completed weekly tasks on time

Week 1: Cynthia Bennett & Carole Collins; Bonus Winner: Debby Kitsembel

Week 2: Malorie Rector & Melissa Overhouse; Bonus Winner: Penny Sullivan

Week 3: Alyssa Turcotte & Lauren Hein; Bonus Winner: Barbara Schmitt

Week 4: Tiffany Lilly & Patricia Kubisiak

Week 5: Danielle Saltz & Nicole Lenz

Week 6: Debra Behm-Kraehnke & Carrie Schwartz; 3 Week Bonus Challenge Winners: Cindy Leichtfuss, Barbara Schmitt, Suzanne Blair

Overall Winners

All Winners are randomly selected and have completed weekly tasks on time

210,000-311,999 Steps

Emma Borck, Jolene Preston, Carole Collins, Maria Murray, Candy Allard

312,000-419,999 Steps

Becky Uecker, Ellen Hustad, Abby Petitt, Lindsey Lohmeier, Spring Bailey

420,000-503,999 Steps

Ebee Voth, Penny Sullivan, Laura Lau, Nicole Lenz, Lauri Long

504,000+ Steps

Krista O’Dell, Debra Behm-Kraehnke, Julia Dewey, Dawn Klecker, Sally Fetherston

How to register

Challenge participants will need to have a Fort HealthCare Wellness Portal account, and will officially sign up for the challenge on that site. Additionally, the weekly tasks and steps tracking will be located in this portal.

Previous challenge participants (i.e. Rock the Walk, Slimdown) that have an account can log in HERE and sign up for the challenge beginning April 5, 2021.

New participants will need to complete the following pre-registration form. You will receive a follow-up email with the instructions to complete the registration process.

Sorry. This form is no longer available.

Any troubleshooting needs should be directed to the Fort HealthCare Community Health & Wellness department by emailing or calling (920) 568-5475.