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Rock The Walk sign-up opens on September 6, 2016. Challenge runs September 27th-November 22nd!

1269-rockthewalk2Rock your potential this fall!

We strive to be the healthiest community in Wisconsin. One of the ways we work to accomplish this is through offering free opportunities for individuals and organizations to work toward being well, together. This fall, Rock the Walk will encourage you to increase your level of weekly physical activity, bringing awareness to your health.

How much is enough?

Experts recommend at least 150 minutes – that’s just over 20 minutes per day – of moderately intense physical activity each week. That’s the minimum amount of time that you need to log online in order to stay in the challenge and compete for great prizes!

Some participants continue with their existing workout routines, some just boost their current ones, and some people decide it’s time to begin! Whatever your current fitness level, you can participate doing something that you enjoy – swim, walk, paddle, bike, jog, run, weight lift, row, aerobics, gardening, the list goes on. Just keep track of your activity to stay in the game! We will also share an educational article and have you take a short quiz each week to help you stay motivated and engaged.

How far will you go?

By logging 150 minutes or more of exercise per week, in 8 weeks you will have logged the equivalent of –

  • Climbing Mount Everest
  • Finishing a marathon
  • Swimming across the Atlantic Ocean

How far will you go? Increasing your level of physical activity also helps pave the way for feeling great! Lose weight and gain muscle mass, increasing your metabolism; change your lifestyle habits to include starting and sticking with a regular exercise program; be a part of a healthy community, and inspire others to move more!

How to participate

New Fort HealthCare challenge participants will need to fill out a pre-registration form (below) and will receive further instructions on how to sign up.

Past Fort HealthCare challenge participants beginning on Tuesday, September 6th, will be able to log in to their existing accounts at FortHealthCare.MyCernerWellness.com and click the “Sign Up!” button.

At sign-up, you will need to choose a location to participate with –  such as “Fort HealthCare” or “Lake Mills Wellness Coalition.” You can choose to participate with any location that you wish, or that makes the most sense for you. Locations will all be competing for a “traveling trophy,” which will be awarded for the whole year until the next Rock the Walk season. The more exercise that is logged within a location, the better chances that location has of winning!

Weekly tasks include:

  • Logging minutes of exercise totaling at least 150 minutes per week
  • Reading the article shared with you
  • Taking the quiz assigned to you.

All tasks will open on Tuesdays and must be entered online/completed by Monday evenings by 11:59pm in order to be eligible for the weekly and grand prizes. Winners will be announced on November 25, 2016.

Share your progress, successes, and stories to be the healthiest you can be throughout Rock the Walk and beyond on Facebook.

Community Challenge Pre-Registration

  • Which location would you like to identify with? If none look familiar, please choose "Other".



  • Weekly Prize Opportunities
    • Weekly Prize: $25 Visa Gift Card
      • Complete each week’s education, quiz and logging 150 minutes of exercise to be eligible for the weekly random drawing
    • Weekly Challenge Prize: $10 Festival Foods Gift Card
      • Complete each week’s optional challenge to be eligible for the weekly random drawing
  • Grand Prize Winners
    • Top 3 overall participants with highest recorded exercise minutes
      • $250, $150, $75 Gift Card to either Under Armour, Nike, or REI
      • Successfully completes all weekly education, quizzes and exercise
    • Top 2 participants with most variety of exercises
      • $25 Visa Gift Card
      • Successfully completed all weekly education, quizzes and exercise
    • Random selection of 3 participants with between 150 and 210 minutes of exercise a week (1200-1680 total)
      • $25 Visa Gift Card
      • Successfully completed all weekly education, quizzes and exercise
    • Random selection of 3 participants of at least 210 minutes of exercise a week (Over 1680 total)
      • $25 Visa Gift Card
      • Successfully completed all weekly education, quizzes and exercise
  • Top Location
    • Traveling trophy and bragging rights rewarded

Become a Sponsor!

Sponsorship opportunities are available to local organizations who would like to participate in the challenge as well as support ongoing community health efforts. Please view, complete, and submit the sponsorship form by Friday, September 2, 2016 to receive full recognition of this year’s contribution.

Thank you to our 2016 sponsors so far!







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Thank you to our participating Jefferson County Healthy Community Coalitions!