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The Fort HealthCare Slimdown Challenge is a 6-week-long online challenge that invites all local community members to utilize available tools and seek motivation to live healthier, more active lifestyles while losing some unwanted pounds and improving overall health.

The time is now to improve your health! Whether you are looking to lose weight, lower blood pressure, eat well, move more, reduce stress, or feel better, the Slimdown Challenge is your opportunity to make it happen.

This year’s challenge is all about “Self-Care”, and recognizing that by taking time to look at the multiple dimensions of wellness in your life, you can improve your overall health and wellbeing.  Living a healthy lifestyle and taking time for you can be challenging, but you CAN do it and you’ll feel glad you did.

Fort HealthCare collects height and weight at the beginning and end of the Challenge. However, we know that weight is not a total determinant of health. Engage in the process, focus on healthy habits, and the destination – weight loss, lower blood pressure, less stress, feeling better – will come. Therefore, all participants will have the opportunity to win incentives no matter their weight loss goals as long as challenge tasks are completed. Prizes will be posted below.

Thank you for participating in the Slimdown Challenge! We hope you find success in the goals you set this year.

2020 Important Dates

With the ongoing and increased uncertainty that coronavirus is causing around the world and in Jefferson County we will be suspending the 2020 Slimdown Challenge to a future date.


Participating Organizations

Want your organization/location to participate in 2020? Check out the PDF below for instructions!

New Locations for the Slimdown Challenge Instructions