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The Fort HealthCare Slimdown Challenge is an 8-week-long online challenge that invites all local community members to utilize available tools and seek motivation to live healthier, more active lifestyles while losing some unwanted pounds and improving overall health.

The time is now to improve your health! Whether you are looking to lose weight, lower blood pressure, eat well, move more, reduce stress, or feel better, the Slimdown Challenge is your opportunity to make it happen.

This year is all about living a healthier lifestyle and achieving your goals, while recognizing that the steps you take today will determine how you feel tomorrow. Are your short-term actions helping you achieve your long-term goals?  Living a healthy lifestyle takes time and effort, but you CAN do it and you’ll feel glad you did.

Fort HealthCare collects height and weight at the beginning and end of the Challenge. However, we know that weight is not a total determinant of health. Engage in the process, focus on daily habits, and the destination – weight loss, lower blood pressure, less stress, feeling better – will come. Therefore, all participants will have the opportunity to win incentives no matter their weight loss goals as long as challenge tasks are completed. Prizes will be posted below.

Thank you for participating in the Slimdown Challenge! We hope you find success in the goals you set this year!

2018 Important Dates

Challenge Dates: April 10-June 5, 2018

Weigh-out dates: June 4 & 5, 2018

Winners Announced: By June 8, 2018


*NEW for 2018*

*More prizes

*More Motivation (Weekend challenge, Motivation Monday, etc.)

*Slimdown Facebook page

*Walking Wednesdays at the hospital

*Special Slimdown edition Movin’ & Losin’ class (*extra charge)

…and more!



Weigh-outs will take place at Fort Memorial Hospital, and throughout the Community. Click on the links below to find a day and time that works for you. Need to weigh-out early? Contact Community Health and Wellness at (920) 568-5475.

Hospital Weigh-Outs 2018

Community Weigh-Outs 2018

 Slimdown Challenge  Prizes

A Special “Shout Out” to Mary Darnell, who lost the greatest amount of weight for the 2018 Slimdown Challenge–Congratulations Mary!

Grand Prizes

(1) Slimdown Superstar (Highest % weight loss)       $150 Visa Gift Card

Rebecca Brown

(2) Second place Superstars (2nd and 3rd Highest % weight loss)        $100 Visa Gift Card 

David Taylor & Laurie McGowan

(10) Lose 8+ Pounds       $25 Gift Card to Adidas, Dick’s, Foot Locker or Nike

Spring Hohenwald

Kathy Wollin

Debby Kitsembel

Luke Steffen

Ann Garthwait

Amber Dunne

Gini Simon

Chris Czerniak

Kassidy Lemminger

Jen Ihlenfeldt

(10) Maintain/Lose weight (*Within healthy BMI)   $25 Gift Card to Adidas, Dick’s, Foot Locker or Nike

Stacy Blang

Rita Starks

Kaitlyn Meyer

Wilbur Waggoner

Eric Brown

Lois Mach

Julie Asmus

Luke Steffen

Erin Romagna

Dan Oschmann

((All grand prize winners MUST complete each weekly task on time to be eligible for prizes))


Weekly Prizes

(16, 2 per week) Weekly Prizes (Complete quiz, education, log weight on time)     $20 Visa Gift Card

Week 1: Kimberly Heine & Pam Moen

Week 2: Luann Buchholz & Phil Sierlecki

Week 3: Mark Ihlenfeldt & Debra Kirkeby

Week 4: Lori Schwab & Jenny Schroedl

Week 5: Deb Paul & Matt Noll

Week 6: Katie Fortney & Tammy Kozak

Week 7: Ellen Onsrud & Kelly McCunn

Week 8: Dana Pisarek & Karen Sourile

(8) Bonus Challenge Prizes (Complete Bonus Challenge on time)     $10 Visa Gift Card

Week 1: Heather Tarpey

Week 2:  Mary Meier

Week 3: Cheryl Johnson

Week 4: Dustin Jones

Week 5: Jenny Nokes

Week 6: Rebecca Kiefer

Week 7: Brittney Haferman

Week 8: Lois Mach

(8) Weekend Challenge Prizes (Complete Weekend Challenge on time)      $10 Festival Foods Gift Card

Week 1: Dorothea Guensch

Week 2: Lynn Dempsey

Week 3: Makayla Kawleski

Week 4: Dustin Jones

Week 5: Suzanne Blair

Week 6: No winner (*Extra winner for week 7 weekly challenge)

Week 7: Kathy Hein & Tiffany Wagner

Week 8: Megan Becker

((All weekly prize winners are randomly selected)



Slimdown 2018 FAQs


Participating Businesses

Avon Dairy solutions

School District of Fort Atkinson

First Citizens Bank of Whitewater

School District of Lake Mills

Abendroth Water

School District of Jefferson

Deerfield School District

Jefferson Public Library

Premier Bank

City of Whitewater

Fort Community Credit Union

Jones Dairy Farm


Opportunities Inc.