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Challenge runs November 17th-December 29th!

2020 Theme: “Health for the Holidays”

Thank you to our 214 participants! Keep up the great work, and we’ll “see” you in 2021!


Slimdown Weekly/Bonus Challenge Prize Winners

Week 1 Winners: Erica Young & Leanne Bare

Week 1 Bonus Challenge Winner: Deb Brunk

Week 2 Winners: Lauren Hein & Barb Kemmerling

Week 2 Bonus Challenge Winner: Sarah Thompson

Week 3 Winners: Penny Schloesser & Jeanne Waggoner

Week 3 Bonus Challenge Winner: Kim Apel

Week 4 Winners: Dawn Sharp & Becky Bohn

Week 4 Bonus Challenge Winner: Kathy Klein

Week 5 Winners: Lisa Jensen & Lisa Weber

Week 5 Bonus Challenge Winner: Laurie Meyer

Week 6 Winners: Kristen McCulloch & Rebecca Brown

Week 6 Bonus Challenge Winner: Sherry Gruennert

Slimdown Walkin’ in Wisconsin Winners

Bridget Monahan, Erica Young, Lauren Hein, Kim Apel, Margaret Burlingham (2), Bonnie Pauli, Leigh Froelich, Barbara Schmitt, Jen Kawleski

Slimdown Overall Prize Winners: Lose 1-6 lbs.

Shae Bright, Kathy Klein, Jennifer Slak, Dawn Sharp, Sarah Thompson

Slimdown Overall Prize Winners: Lose 6+ lbs.

Heather Evenson, Barbara Schmitt, Brittany Mckenzie, Jen Kawleski, Chris Czerniak

Slimdown Overall Prize Winners: Maintain Healthy BMI

Jeryn Brunker, Ann Holzli, Ashley Kuehl, Kimberly Sullivan, Linda Giorno

*All prize winners throughout the Slimdown Challenge were randomly selected from the list of participants who completed each weekly task, and fit the category criteria*


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