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The Fort HealthCare Slimdown Challenge is a 6-week-long online challenge that invites all local community members to utilize available tools and seek motivation to live healthier, more active lifestyles while losing some unwanted pounds and improving overall health.

The time is now to improve your health! Whether you are looking to lose weight, lower blood pressure, eat well, move more, reduce stress, or feel better, the Slimdown Challenge is your opportunity to make it happen.

This year is all about “Healthy Habits”,  and  recognizing that the steps you take today will determine how you feel tomorrow. Are your short-term actions helping you achieve your long-term goals?  Living a healthy lifestyle takes time and effort, but you CAN do it and you’ll feel glad you did.

Fort HealthCare collects height and weight at the beginning and end of the Challenge. However, we know that weight is not a total determinant of health. Engage in the process, focus on healthy habits, and the destination – weight loss, lower blood pressure, less stress, feeling better – will come. Therefore, all participants will have the opportunity to win incentives no matter their weight loss goals as long as challenge tasks are completed. Prizes will be posted below.

Thank you for participating in the Slimdown Challenge! We hope you find success in the goals you set this year!


2019 Important Dates

Sign Up Begins: March 13th

Weigh-Ins: March 25-April 8th

Challenge Dates: April 9-May 21, 2019

Weigh-out dates: May 20 & 21, 2019

Winners Announced: By May 24, 2019


Registration will open on Wednesday March 13th for new and returning Fort HealthCare Challenge participants.

Community Challenge Pre-Registration

Complete the following form if you are a NEW PARTICIPANT. Further instructions will be sent to you via email after submitting the below form. All information MUST be correct before submitting this form. If you have a Fort HealthCare My Compass Account, please use the same email address for this pre-registration as you would for My Compass.
  • Please select if you are Community Participant, or if you are a Fort HealthCare Spouse.
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Participants in the 2019 Slimdown Challenge will need to complete an official weigh-out at one of our participating locations with an “official” scale on either Monday May 20th or Tuesday May 21st. Weigh-outs will be offered at multiple community locations, in addition to the Fort Memorial Hospital. Please click on the links below for details on dates, locations and times for official weigh-outs.

Hospital Weigh-Outs 2019

Weigh-In Locations Community


2019 Slimdown Challenge participants will have multiple opportunities to win prizes throughout the challenge. Weekly prizes (6 total) will be drawn randomly for individuals who successfully complete each of the 3 weekly tasks on time (read education, take quiz, log weight) and for those who choose to complete the optional weekly and weekend bonus challenges (6 each).

Week 1 Winners: Katie McIntyre & Cyndi Braunschweig // Week 1 Bonus Challenge Winners: Jori Brunner & Rebecca Brown

Week 2 Winners: Andrew Ascher & Christina Bramley // Week 2 Bonus Challenge Winners: Misty Renz-Sanchez & Lois Mach

Week 3 Winners: Jennifer Hauser & Janette Berry // Week 3 Bonus Challenge Winners: Julie Lord & Suzanne Blair

Week 4 Winners: Denise Lange & Sabrina Ojibway // Week 4 Bonus Challenge Winners: Cheryl Johnson & Danielle Schultz

Week 5 Winners: Jason Benisch & Laurie Meyer // Week 5 Bonus Challenge Winners: Lisa Watters & Leigh Froelich

Week 6 Winners: Claire Tidwell & Lois Mach // Week 6 Bonus Challenge Winners: Christine Helgeson & Karen Armstrong

Grand prizes will be randomly selected for participants who successfully complete all 6 weeks of the challenge on time (each Monday at 11:59pm during the challenge), and who have completed an official weigh-in and weigh-out.


The Top 2019 Slimdown Winners include:

Mary Darnell

Lyle Farnsworth

Scott Weberpal

The Grand Prize categories include:

Completed all weekly tasks on time for duration of challenge (5 winners)

Emily Shepley

Lynn Anderson

Darcey Hein

Maggie Nelson

Sharon Schweitzer

Lost 1-6 pounds (5 winners)

Suzanne Blair

Jaime Worthington

Carrie Schwartz

Ashley Kuehl

Jill Smith

Lost 6+ pounds (5 winners)

Heide Stein

Brian Neumeister

Tiffany Reysack

Jeremiah Thomas

Jodi Dooley

Lost or Maintained weight (*within healthy BMI) (5 winners)

Kellie Todd

Tammy Nelson

Debra Landowski

Heidi Gempler

Nicole Mepham

30 Day Challenge Winners

Rebecca Brown

Sarah Spack

Karen Armstrong


2019 Slimdown Prize List-Website



Slimdown 2019 FAQs


Other Ways to Participate During the Challenge

Weekly Bonus Challenges

Weekend Bonus Challenges

Facebook “Slimdown Challenge Group”

Slimdown Saturdays

30 Day Challenges


Participating Organizations

Want your organization/location to participate in 2019? Check out the PDF below for instructions!

New Locations for the Slimdown Challenge Instructions