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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we still want to offer the community heart-healthy activities that can be done safely with the entire family, with physical distancing in place.

During the summer of 2020, we started the Fort HealthCare Virtual 5K Series! This free series included four different “races” that were held one time per month between June and September. Participants completed a “virtual 5k”—meaning, they walked or ran 3.1 miles on a course that they chose or completed by treadmill. Once completed, they submitted their time and were put on a virtual leaderboard that tracked their overall place compared to all participants.

In cooler weather

Now with the temperatures outside getting cooler, that doesn’t mean that outdoor fitness activities need to come to an end. Continuing with the success of the Summer Virtual 5K Series, we are going to usher into the fall and winter season with a Winter Virtual 5K Series as well. The Winter Virtual 5K Series will consist of six total events held between October 2020 and February 2021. Participants can sign up for one or all of the races for FREE. It’s our hope to encourage you to maintain – or add – physical activity and motivation throughout the cooler fall and winter months.

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a race that you can do anywhere, and it does not have a specific starting time or starting place. You can choose the day, time, and even the route you want to take. As the event dates draw nearer, we will be sharing more details and even route suggestions for participants to consider trying.

Winter Virtual 5K Series

The Virtual Winter 5k Series will begin in October and finish in February of 2021. A total of six FREE virtual races will be offered, averaging one per month.

The anticipated race themes and dates are:

Full Schedule

Once registered, participants can select a day, time and route to run during the race timeline and complete their 3.1 miles. Once completed, they are encouraged to submit proof of completion to us via email, and their time will be recorded.

As an incentive, each race that is completed will equal one entry into a Grand Prize Drawing that will take place in February 2021 after the series is completed. Participants that complete all six races will receive six drawing entries. All ages are eligible to win the prize. The event is free to participate in, but registration is encouraged.

Do I run or walk the 5K distance?

Anyone is invited to participate in this event and all fitness levels are welcome! You don’t need to be a regular runner to do this – you can jog or walk the distances, too. Families and friends as well as individuals are encouraged to participate in the fun – while maintaining proper social distancing, of course.

About a 5K

A 5K is 3.1 miles. We do ask (to be fair to all participants) that you complete the total distance in the same outing. If you have a fitness tracking device, such as a FitBit, Apple Watch, or an app on your smartphone, you may be able to see the distance of your walk or run while you are doing it. Another great option is to find a route using MapMyRun online to find your perfect 5K course.

Race Routes

Choosing your own route can be fun! If you have a fitness tracking device, such as a FitBit, Apple Watch, or an app on your smartphone, you may be able to see the distance of your walk or run while you are doing it. Another great option is to find a route using MapMyRun online to find your perfect 5K course. A virtual event can literally be done anywhere!

To make planning your run even easier, we have put together some suggested routes for you to consider, depending on the community you live in or choose to explore during the race. We featured them in our Frosty Rock 5k event – Click here to access the routes.

Registration Information

Participants are encouraged to register in as many races as they’d like to during the series. More information and instructions about how to participate in the event can be found on each individual race’s registration page. There are even optional race bibs you can print out on the different race registration pages! Many of our participants submit their photos holding their race bib. If using social media to share progress and positivity, players are invited to use the hashtag #HealthiestCommunity in their posts and to tag @FortHealthCare.

Racers’ times will be documented on a virtual leaderboard after proof of completion and time is submitted. You can record your time using a stopwatch, phone, or personal health tracking device.

To be eligible for prizes and for leaderboard recognition, participants are encouraged to take a photo of their tracking device’s results, submit the route taken, and the time completed as email attachments and send them to during the event’s timeframe.

For Our Community

The Virtual 5k Series helps support our Mission, which is to improve the health and well-being of our community, with a Vision to be the healthiest community in Wisconsin. By offering opportunities such as the Virtual 5k Series, individuals are invited to participate in healthful activities, helping themselves and others see how their personal health affects the overall population’s health as a community; doing so helps continue to move the dial forward toward being the healthiest community in Wisconsin.

Previous Events

The Summer Virtual 5K Series has come to a close, but we are still celebrating its success and the fun that was had! View pictures and an event summary here.

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