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Fort HealthCare is committed to serving the people of Jefferson County. We are dedicated to following our mission statement in improving the health and well-being of our community.

We have provided you with the tools and resources to encourage the community to eat locally sourced and fresh foods from the ground as well as leave behind the over processed, packaged foods.

Locally Grown Foods Map

Below, our interactive map depicts Jefferson County and all of its major communities. To interact with our Locally Grown Foods map, click on the cities to find where you can access locally grown food options near you.

Waterloo Lake Mills Watertown Johnson Creek Helenville Fort Atkinson Palmyra Cambridge Jefferson Whitewater


Eat Here Eat Well


Here in Jefferson County, WI we have embarked on a mission to improve the quality of food served in the schools with the help of National Farm to School AmeriCorps members and experts. Through an initiative titled “Eat Here Eat Well”, previously serving as an active coalition, Jefferson County schools, health professionals, farmers, local gardeners, and other community advocates are partnering to make locally grown and healthy foods more accessible in our environments. This organizational change will help Jefferson County achieve its vision to be the healthiest in Wisconsin!

Visit CountyHealthRankings.org to see Jefferson County’s ranking for 2016!

Visit Eat Here Eat Well and the Jefferson County Healthy Community Coalitions at FortHealthCare.com/Community-Coalitions.

Helpful Links & Resources



  • Want to start your own garden? Don’t know where to begin? Check out the Food System Initiatives link to find gardening tips as well as other information and resources regarding Wisconsin’s Food System Initiatives.
  • Visit the Wisconsin Farm 2 School site for information regarding the program and its initiatives.
  • The Eat Here Eat Well site offers news on what’s happening with the school gardens.
  • Garden leaders can find Grant Opportunities for their school or community garden here!

More Local Foods


  • Take a look at the Community Coalitions page for more information on what our partners are doing within the community to make Jefferson County a healthier place.
  • Check out Health 365 Events for a full calendar of local events and volunteer opportunities in Jefferson County.
  • Visit Fort HealthCare on Facebook for more garden photos and apple crunches from October’s Farm to School Month 2016.
  • Check out local Farm to School efforts as a part of a nationwide effort to improve the food in the schools, encourage healthier eating habits at a young age, educate our kids on where healthy foods come from, and support our local farmers.