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What does our vision to be Wisconsin’s Healthiest Community mean? It means that everyone in Jefferson and Walworth Counties takes responsibility for exercising, eating right and using the quality healthcare resources that exist in the area. It means joining a health club, jogging outdoors, eating more fruits and vegetables, avoiding fatty and processed foods, and getting mammograms and colonoscopies according to your doctor’s recommendation. Our vision also means taking advantage of the many wellness classes at Fort HealthCare or the many recreational activities that exist in beautiful Southern Wisconsin.

In keeping with Fort HealthCare’s Mission to improve the health and well being of our community, we offer this web-based portal to wellness. Here you’ll find many opportunities to learn about wellness, nutrition and medical conditions. You can sign up for a class or recreational event, watch a motivational video – all here to assist you in living a healthier life. So come along on this journey – you’ll feel better, your family will feel better and you may even enjoy your newer, healthier lifestyle.