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menshealthCardiovascular disease, lung cancer, stroke, and diabetes are among the leading causes of death for American men. The risk of developing these conditions can be reduced with the combination of a healthy lifestyle and regular medical care. Many disorders, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, are “silent” illnesses and do not cause telltale symptoms that may prompt a doctor’s visit.

Many men find a Family Medicine or Internal Medicine provider meets most all of their healthcare needs.

The primary care providers at Fort HealthCare will take preventative actions to help you prevent such illnesses mentioned above. Routine checkups and screenings are critical for detecting hidden problems and staying healthy. It is best to try and detect and address medical problems in their early stages, when many conditions are more treatable and less threatening to overall health. Seeing a doctor for age-appropriate screenings and establishing a preventive healthcare plan may even reduce the number of visits you have to make to a doctor’s office in the long run.

Speak with your doctor about the right method of screening for you. The age at which you begin screening depends on several things, including family history and your personal health profile. You and your doctor will decide which screening method is best for you. For more information about the important issues and guidelines for men’s health, review our online Men’s Health library.


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