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Just how should you expect to feel as you age? The answer differs for everyone — and genetics, lifestyle and outlook all contribute to your overall health. Still, at about middle age, the body begins to wear from daily use. You may need to crank up the television to hear better, or squint your eyes to read the newspaper. Your body may begin to accumulate more weight and lose lean muscle.

Americans’ life expectancy continues to increase, but how long you’ll live depends on many factors, including how you take care of yourself in the years leading to older age. To stay youthful, strive for constant self-improvement of your body, mind and spirit. Your chronological age shouldn’t determine how young and good you really feel.

Many seniors find a Family Medicine or Internal Medicine provider meets most all of their healthcare needs.

Fort HealthCare can provide you with a primary care doctor to ensure that you are getting the best care as you age. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to accept feeling older. Fortunately, the changes associated with natural aging take place gradually, and most people adapt quite well over time. How you feel emotionally is just as critical in helping you age gracefully. Having a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your mental growth and happiness and help you truly enjoy your golden years.

For a better understanding of the particular health issues that an aging adult faces, and what to do about them, explore our online Older Adult health library. Getting regular checkups, screening tests, and monitoring your health status and changes with your doctor are keys to good health. Take good care of yourself — you deserve it.

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