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As Prescribed Blog

Why Mammograms Are Important

Fort HealthCare Fort HealthCare September 28, 2021 0 Comments General Health

Procrastination is common amongst women when it comes to taking care of their own health, but during October and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the time to take action is now. Fewer women are dying from breast cancer due to early detection, which is why the American Cancer Society recommends women 40 years and older perform monthly self-exams, get annual check-ups with a physician, and schedule yearly mammograms.

Mammograms are an important breast cancer screening tool for women. A mammogram is a low-dose X-ray of the breast that can help find cancer and other problems early, before a lump can be felt. Women at high risk for breast cancer may be advised to start breast cancer screening at a younger age, and have an MRI in addition to a mammogram. For some women with dense breast tissue, ultrasound may be done in addition to a mammogram.

At Fort HealthCare, we use the best available imaging and 3D imaging technology - which helps detect subtle breast tissue chances, ultimately enhancing our ability to detect breast cancer early. We partner with the UW-Health Radiology department for reading and interpretive services. This means that you get the same care and service that you would find at a larger facility, but close to home.

Digital technology called tomosynthesis provides medical professionals with the opportunity to review a 3-dimensional picture of the breast using X-rays. This is different from a standard mammogram where two X-rays of each breast are taken from different angels: top to bottom and side to side. The breast is gently compressed and held between two glass plates to ensure that the whole breast is viewed. Digital mammography records the images on a computer, which are then read by a radiologist.

Genius™ exams deliver a series of detailed breast images, allowing your medical team to better evaluate your breast tissue layer by layer, allowing images to be read with much greater accuracy. Greater accuracy means better breast cancer detection. Only the Genius™ 3D MAMMOGRAM™ is proven to detect breast cancer 15 months earlier.

To make the experience go as smoothly as possible, technologists recommend that women avoid scheduling a mammogram just before their periods when breasts are most tender. Wearing comfortable clothing, such as a shirt and pants is also recommended, since patients are asked to undress above the waist. The whole exam usually takes about 15 minutes or less.

You can schedule your mammogram at Fort HealthCare on weekdays, when it is convenient for you, including evenings until 6:00pm. Simply call (920) 568-5420

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